Best Free Windows Softwares 2013 You Must Have on Your PC

▶ Here in this article, we have listed some of the best free Windows softwares 2013 you must have on your PC.

▶ The World didn’t end as scheduled on 21st Dec 2012 and here we are in a brand new year – 2013.

▶ So, to give your new year a flying start, here are some of the best softwares you wouldn’t probably heard of before.

▶ Just make some time to browse through these handy applications and pick the ones that best suits your needs.

▶ Most of these softwares will work on all versions of Windows while some are dedicated to certain versions.

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Best Free Windows Softwares 2013 You Must Have

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Best Free Windows Softwares 2013

1. Perfect Effects 4 Free – an Instagram like app to apply more than 70 magical photo effects on the whole or part of an image. Now turn ordinary photos into some extraordinary ones.

Perfect Effects 4 free


2. SymMover – helps you move already installed Windows softwares from one folder to other or from one disk to other without any need of re-installation.



3. Eassos Recovery – is a powerful recovery tool that helps you recover lost disk partitions and files with its wizard interface.



4.  Geek Uninstaller – is a lightweight tool to uninstall programs installed on your PC and completely wipe off their left over traces in the registry.



5. DDownloads – helps you download different popular Windows software from just one place without having to look for each product page and find the download links.



6. Spotflux – allows you to access blocked websites, removes tracking cookies and viruses, encrypts your internet traffic, saves bandwidth, hides your IP address, and keeps your location private.

spot flux


7. Snappy – is a screenshot capture utility which allows to capture the entire desktop, the active window, a portion of the screen or an object.



8. NetSpeedMonitor – lets you monitor the download and upload speed of your Internet connection using a simple meter built into the Windows toolbar. Now, you can easily know if your ISP is providing you the speed they promised or cheating on you.

Netspeed Monitor


9. Google Drive – is the official Windows client for file storage and synchronization services offered by Google.



10. Fake Antivirus Remover – helps you to easily identify and remove fake antivirus softwares installed on your computer.

Fake Antivirus Remover


11. WiFi Protector – is a powerful application that secures your WiFi connection with a 256 bit encryption. It also provides you with the means to protect your privacy by hiding your IP address.

wifi protector


12. Clickberry Interactive Creator – build interactive clips within minutes that are click-able and easily share it on Social media sites.



13. Cloudfogger – is an all-in-one encryption solution where you can easily drag and drop files from your computer or smartphones and upload them to Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive or any other cloud storage providers.



14. CrashPlan – securely backs up your data every day to multiple locations that can be to other remote computers or the attached external hard drives.



15. Rainlendar – is a lightweight, stylish and truly customizable Calendar and To-Do list manager for your desktop.



16.  InstallGuard –  gives you complete control over the softwares installed on your PC with monitoring and tracking features. It further blocks unauthorized software installations and protects your PC.

Install Guard


17. Moborobo – is an all in one Android Smartphone management tool that can backup and restore App, contacts, SMS and almost everything in your phone via your PC.



18. OnlineVNC – is an effective tool for managing and controlling your PC remotely using a simple web browser.



19. Smart PC Locker Pro – is an easy-to-use security tool that password-protects your PC or laptop. It automatically shutdowns your computer after a set number of invalid login attempts by unauthorized people.



20. Asus Multiframe Utility – is an application for splitting and managing program windows. It can snap windows up to 9 screen regions per monitor.



21. EaseUS CleanGenius – is a handy application that comprises over 20+ system optimization and maintenance tools that you will need to clean your PC and run it smoothly.



22. Freemore Audio Video Suite – it’s a one-stop shop for all your media conversion and editing needs. It has over 30 awesome audio, video and image tools to get done all that you ever wanted from a media suite.



23. Sunrise Seven – customize your Windows 7 for performance, security and delightful visual modifications. Now, your Windows 7 will look the way you want it to be.



24. Blacksmith – is a virtual desktop manager for Windows that provides you with the feel of Windows, Android and Mac OS X Lion operating systems.



25. Lost Photos – search and recover all photos stored in your email account easily.



26. Multiplicity – with this simple tool, you can control upto 9 different PCs using a single mouse and keyboard.

stardock multiplicity


27. Wondershare vDownloader – enable you to download videos from various popular video hosting websites such as Youtube, Hulu, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, Vevo,, Viddler and more. Furthermore, you can download videos in upto Full HD 1080p quality.



28. Clover – it brings Chrome-style tabs to Windows Explorer.



29. KeyRocket – is a handy tool that suggests keyboard shortcuts for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint whenever it recognizes that a specific series of mouse actions were performed.



30. Protected Folder – is designed to password-protect, guard and lock your folders & files from being seen, read or modified.

protected folder


31. Cubby  – it is similar to dropbox with a Windows client that lets you drag and drop folders to sync them between various devices.



32. Sys Information – is a fast and accurate tool to get complete system information of CPU, Hard disk, Motherboard and more.



33. BufferZone Pro – puts your regularly used programs that are prone to external attacks in a virtual environment.



 34. USB-AV – protects your USB flash drives from viruses and malware security threats.



35. SubtitleDownloader – enables you to automatically download subtitles for your video collection in your chosen language.



36. Microsoft Research Cliplets – gives you the power to create “Cliplets” – a type of imagery that sits between stills and video and save them as GIF, MP4 and WMV.



37. Stoffi – is a simple but powerful music player that consolidates the key features spread over various music players into one unified music player.



 38. Voxeet – completely redefines the VoIP web conferencing. The software uses 3D high definition voice technology to produce immersive sound.



39.  ProxySwap – allows you to quickly switch between Proxy Servers with ease.

proxy swap


40. Norton Zone Cloud Sharing – allows you to easily backup, share and sync data securely across various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and web.



41.  Tiggit – is an open source game launcher and installer. It helps you find more than 400 awesome indie games that exist ‘hidden’ around the internet.



42. KuaiZip – is a very good archiving tool  that features advanced compression technology. It supports more than 40 compression formats such as RAR, ZIP, 7Z etc.



43. GOM Audio – is a handy and reliable audio player that supports various audio formats likes MP3, OGG, M4A, WMA, MID, WAV, FLAC, APE, PLS, to name a few. It can further handle CD content and Internet streams as well.



44. Close All – lets you close all running applications with just a single click.



45. OPSWAT’s Security Score – is a tool that scans your PC for the status of your installed security applications and provides a score along with recommendations on how to improve.



46. Paragon Go Virtual – tool that will quickly copy your hard drive to a virtual disk in any of the main formats like VMware Workstation/ Fusion, Microsoft VirtualPC or Oracle VirtualBox. If you’re upgrading your PC, you could save your old configuration – OS, Softwares, data, everything else – to a virtual disk, then continue using it in a virtual machine.

Paragon Go Virtual


47. SFunKey – use the “Fn” key (function key) on your laptop’s keyboard to perform several additional tasks by mapping them the way you desire.



48. Reboot-To  – is a simple and easy-to-use application that allows you to choose what Windows OS you should boot next. You can also reboot your computer with just a click.



49 Free Video to GIF Converter – can convert any video to gif animation with ease. It supports almost all the video formats like avi, wmv, mpeg, flv, mov, mp4, vob, mkv etc.

video to gif


50. Free Viewer – is the only file viewer you will ever need. It is compatible of working with more than 100’s of file formats.

free viewer



Last Thoughts

Ohh! That was a very big list, I know.

Most of the free softwares  for listed here will definitely come in handy at some time in life.

So you better bookmark this page. These are definitely some of the best free windows softwares 2013 you need to have on your PC.


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Let us know which Windows softwares you downloaded and found it useful from the comments section below.


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  1. You are just wow!! Just Wow wow wow!! What a great software collection, Just awesome awesome awesome. NO WORDS AT ALL!! Love you guys!! Just love this!!

  2. As usual Nikhil Sir. You always come up with the best softwares!! You are the best. No doubt. great list

    very very useful softwares…

  3. Dear Nikhil Sir,

    Thanks For This Great and Use-full Software Collection.But I need your help i do not have any antivirus in my laptop,
    So please help me ASAP. I need a good antivirus which Protect me from Internet too.


  4. Nikhil,
    Hi nikhil. This is Mehul from MyPremiumTricks. I saw your site. Quite impressive. I am interested in Guest Posting on TJ. Look at my site for more. You can also contact me from the email I have provided in Comment.


  5. Thanks, once again, Nikhil for sharing all these. We wouldn’t have been able to find them out by ourselves, though we keep looking for these and many such, just don;t know where to find them.

    Just one to describe you…. YOU ROCK!!!!!

    I have just shared this on my FB timeline too.

      • I have playing around with some of these softwares. Here are my feedbacks on those I have used:
        1. ASUS MULTIFRAME: When downloading, they asked for the OS. Windows 7 32 bit was not in their list, though 64 bit was there. Had to forget it.
        2. SNAPPY : After getting the ABBYY Screenshot Reader, this can be left alone. ABBYY is much better and convenient to use.
        3. FREEMORE AUDIO VIDEO SUITE: Willing to try this. Just wondering if it can do all that which I can do in Audacity? Can it burn CDs?
        4. CRASH PLAN & WIF PROTECTOR: These sound good. Am downloading them and will check out.

        Thanks, Nikhil.

  6. Muhammad Ahmad

    Yeah, It’s really nice collection. I am a computer geek but I didn’t know about ProxySwap and Ddownloader. Thank again.

  7. Venkateshmurthy

    Thanks for sharing a comprehensive list of useful s/w. Even Wondershare PDF editor & convertor to Word, KS-Office, Bitdefender AV, in my opinion qualify. What is your take?


  9. ajay patel

    Thanks nikhil sir,

    I have tried most of them, you have changed my mind about freeware…

    ” Nice collection… “

  10. Such a long list !
    I have bookmarked the site and intend to pursue it later.
    Thanks Nikhil and regards

  11. this is a nice collection of free softwares indeed, most i don’t know about, but i’ll take a look at them, they look pretty interesting to me.
    thank you for your hard work, it’s a very good job.
    thank you 🙂

  12. Amazing collection yar..
    Excellent job..
    No one can beat u in technical-helping
    i downloaded few of above 50, i will let you know how those are helping


  13. I have been trying to use some, downloaded some. USB-AV seems to be good, though I have not tried to insert an infected USB device.
    Of these NetSpeedMonitor is not compatible with Windows 8,though it says that it is,on the website.

  14. OMG! so many cool apps that too for free!! I do use a few here on the list and I just found ddownload a few days back and now, I’ll try the others. A big THANK YOU to you sir and the developers of the apps 🙂

  15. Chittaranjan Ghosh

    Thanks a lot sir for letting us know about all these useful softwares.
    I’m going to grab all of these for sure… 🙂

  16. Of these, USB-AV poses some problems with Windows 8. It does not close when we shutdown windows asking us to force-close. I uninstalled it.

  17. Hey Nikhil,
    Much loves for all the suggestions for 2013. Been using NetSpeed Monitor and Wi-fi protector for few days. Thing is the NetSpeed Monitor is set to detect my dongle and I am unable to set it to detect my wi-fi speed.
    Also, the wi-fi protector keeps popping up web pages afresh to display its status. Sometimes several windows in a single session.
    Can you help!

  18. Dude I started using spotflux, you know its very heavy and connects very lately, some times it shows ‘limit access’. can u please recommend an alternative. I even dont like that hotspot sheild.

  19. rahul agarwal

    great collection nikhil.i downloaded perfect effects 4.while installing it says”it requires windows vista or newer” and i am using xp service pack 3.please tell me how to install it

  20. rahul agarwal

    hi nikhil.your collection is just awesome bu i downloaded perfect effects 4 .while installing it says”it requires windows vista or newer”and the insallation stops and i am using windows xp service pack 3.please tell me how to install it

  21. vamsikrishna

    thanks for a great heap of softwares.i really love software.I shall do some reviews in these softwares which i like most. and present in my blog. 🙂

  22. wow… thanks to this your 2012 free windows softwares i needed some of those stuffs… thanks a lot and keep it up..

  23. debjyoti karmakar

    awesome collection of softwares nikhil perfect effects compatible with any windows xp service pack 1,2,3.please help

  24. Krish Sriram

    Thanks Nikhi, I have been following your blog quite regularly for sometime and wonder how you manage to get all the information. Are you by yourself writing these articles? Whatever, you and your team is doing a great job. Keep it up Nikhil. By the way aren’t some of the products mentiopned above in this list are paid softwares? There are free versions ofcurse, either they are time restricted or with limited features. Nevertheless a commendable work.

  25. Krish Sriram

    Hi Nikhil,

    Thanks for the list. Just wanted to know why Spotflux could not be installed. Repeatedly throwing up error. And where to download the Blacksmith desktop virtualisation….the link seems to be not working.

    Just like to add some more apps to your list. Bleachbit, Revo Uninstaller Pro, AIMP, Trillian, Bittorrent, Foxit Reader, Panda Cloud AV free, CoreTemp to name a few. All these mentioned here I have been using and they do a fantastic job for whatever they are there.

    Keep up the good work.

    • There must be some problem with your computer registry Krish, try using a registry cleaner software like Advanced System Care Pro.
      The Blacksmith links seems to be working fine when I just checked.
      All the softwares you are mentioned are definitely excellent. But the list here only has softwares discovered in the year 2013 🙂

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