How to watch YouTube Videos without Buffering?

▶ Would you not like to watch YouTube videos without buffering?

▶ Even few seconds of buffering feels like ages?

▶ Then, this article is just for you. No more buffering videos! Lets put an end to it. If not an end, lets try to reduce it to the maximum.

▶ In this article, I will share with you some of the interesting tips that will definitely reduce buffering on YouTube and will enhance your viewing experience.

▶ What are those interesting tips? Check out..



Play – Buffer – Play – Buffer – Play – Buffer – Buffer

Let’s say you are watching a romantic movie. The hero is about to propose the heroine. This is how it is supposed to look – “Juliet, I wanted to tell you something from many days. I Love you!”

But because of buffering on YouTube, the scene would rather look like – “Juliet, – buffer – I wanted to – buffer – buffer – tell you something – buffer – buffer – buffer – from many days. – buffer – buffer – buffer – buffer – I – buffer – buffer – buffer – buffer – buffer …..”

Can you imagine that! How many times have we not come across such situations in our everyday life while watching videos on YouTube? Just when something awesome is about to happen, the video starts buffering.

And I know how it feels! No words can express that feeling. I virtually feel like banging the laptop into something.


Well, that will not be the case anymore. I have a few cool tips to reduce buffering of YouTube videos.

To some of you who have an average Internet connection around 1MBps, these tips should completely eliminate buffering for others who have lower speeds around 256KBps to 512KBps can expect minimum buffering.



Watch YouTube Videos without Buffering


1. YouTube Feather

YouTube being a part of Internet giant Google, has always looked out for ways to improve its services.

With a staggering growth of users over years, Google wants to ensure that videos load and play quickly. This is the reason why Google has introduced a  brand new feature called YouTube Feather (currently in an opt-in beta)


Not everyone has a fast internet connection. New features like the HD 1080p videos have slowed down loading times significantly. So, this optimization is clearly an attempt from YouTube to cater for the millions of users on capped or limited Internet speed connections.

YouTube Feather makes use of advanced web techniques to serve YouTube video pages to the users in a fastest possible way. It limits various features and the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser making videos stream swiftly then ever before.


You can easily notice the difference between the regular YouTube videos and YouTube Feather videos. Not only in terms of faster streaming without buffering but also in terms of the amount of data downloaded by the browser. For instance, the browser downloaded 52 Kilobytes of data for the video in YouTube Feather when compared to 391 Kilobytes on the standard YouTube page.

Feather turns off most of the AJAX features on YouTube. Hence, you can’t comment on videos (the number of loaded comments are just 10). You just have three key actions available : to favorite a video, to flag a video and to subscribe to a channel. You can’t even rate videos, however, related videos remain limited to 5.


But if you’re just interested in watching the video, none of that is going to matter to you, and you may as well not notice the difference.


To start using YouTube Feather:

1. Visit  YouTube Feather Beta page here.

2. Click on the link that says Join the “Feather” Beta and you are done.


To switch back to standard YouTube:

1. Click on Just this once – for watching that particular video in regular mode or

2. Permanently – to switch back to the regular mode for all time as shown in the below snapshot.

If a quick question popped up in your mind saying – Does YouTube Feather lower the video quality?

Well they don’t directly say it, but they do say that Feather does reduce latency by reducing the features available and overall byte size downloaded. So I would go on the assumption that yes, the video quality may suffer slightly and you may not find top HD quality content on Feather.



2. The Ultra-Low 144p Video Quality

Recently, YouTube has introduced a new ultra-low bandwidth video quality viewing option of 144p. This move was largely aimed at users who had a slower Internet connection or to those who watch videos from their mobile.

All these days, there were video qualities between 1080p HD to 240p.

watch YouTube Videos without Buffering

Just click on the icon as seen in the screenshot above and choose 144p.


This option is not available on all videos right now. But certainly, a lot videos have this video quality option.

The quality of the video and audio is not all that great. But it will surely serve the purpose of watching YouTube videos without buffering.


You may want to take a look at this cool video and test 144p video quality.




3. Using Public DNS Servers

Changing your DNS server settings on your computer to use OpenDNS or Google Public DNS will certainly decrease buffering of YouTube videos while increasing your browsing speed.

Google says that using its Public DNS service can enhance your Internet browsing speed by optimizing the traffic routes between you and your destination servers.


Changing the DNS settings on your computer is different for different Windows versions.

In Windows 7 & 8,

1. Open Control Panel. Under Network and Internet, click “View network status and tasks”.

2. Look for the word “Connection” and click the link next to it.

3. On the new window, click on “Properties”.

4. Now again click on “Properties” in the new window.

5. Select “Use the following DNS server address:” and enter

  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:


For changing DNS settings in other versions of Windows:



4. Bypass ISP Throttling

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) usually control the bandwidth and download speeds of connections. They serve you cached videos instead of the actual videos from YouTube.

This will reduce the speed at which YouTube videos are served to you and result in high buffering.


To overcome this, a guy called Mitch Ribar posted a nice tweak. So all credits to him.

1. Click on Start, type cmd in the search, right click on the icon and ‘Run as Administrator’. (If you have Windows 8, Vista or XP, you may want to Google – “How to open command prompt as Administrator in Windows [your version]”?)


2. Copy this command:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”YoutubeBufferTrick” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

watch YouTube Videos without Buffering


3. Right click on the command prompt, click on Paste and press Enter.

You are all done! No more cached copy of videos will be served to you. You now have videos directly being streamed from YouTube servers. So, obviously, less buffering and better viewing experience.



Well, this trick blocks wide range of IP addresses and hence you may occasionally run into a website that’s blocked by this trick. At such scenarios, you may want to disable the tweak:

Similar to above, open Command Prompt as Administrator.


Type this line and hit enter.

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”YoutubeBufferTrick”


Note: You need to be careful while using such tweaks in the command prompt. If you are not very computer savvy, you better avoid using this last tweak.



Last Thoughts

I just hope these tricks will help you watch YouTube videos without buffering.

Not everyone in the world have a faster Internet connection and I am sure these tips will come in handy to those of you.

Do you have any other tips to load the YouTube videos faster? What do you feel about the tricks mentioned in this article?

Let me know them from the comments below.


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  1. This tips is very suitable for me. Due to slow speed of net, I’ll follow your advice. Thanks

  2. Yes that this was cool……
    I hate to taking long time to buffer a youtube that just 10 minutes duration .
    Seem the solution that we unable to figure out the different between the standard and the feather. So why not use it.

  3. Ashish Kumar

    youtube feather is not working for me..!! 🙁
    i followed all the steps written above..!!
    but still videos keep buffering in feather mode too.>!! 🙁

  4. lokesh mishra

    sir its working
    my internet speed is 70-100kbps
    i happy
    thanks sir for save my time….

  5. iam using broadband 256 kbps cnnctn…
    i tried all these steps but i can’t watch videos without buffering…
    it pause for buffering….

  6. Video Buffer

    YouTube Feather is lighter version. Its better to avoid buffering problems. Its a good release by YouTube.

  7. iam using feather since 3 months
    but no use as my bandwidth is very low
    thanks again for the post
    please write an article about
    to remove autorun virus permanently in flash drives and external HDD

  8. sushiyant

    Thanks for your advices..then what about filtering problems in countries like Iran?They have made many problems for our vpn and anti-filter like:Hotspotshield-psiphone and so on…these services has been out of access these days..have u a solution?

  9. it does not work with me. can you please explain put more screen shots or video please because i can not switch back to the old youtube.

    • Hi Samer, what is not working for you? Which trick did you use? If it’s YouTube Feather, and you want to disable it, then just click on “Permanently” in the right bottom. You will be out of Feather and return to standard YouTube.

  10. It is very useful article.I was waiting for such knowledge for a long time.Now I am too happy.Thanks dear Nikhil bro.

  11. Shehu Awwal

    Oh nice tips, it really works great with the cmd command,, You deserve a drink. Is there a way to unlock downloading speed from KBPS to MBPS? Try to write about that. Thanks

    • I am happy that it worked for you Shehu.
      Unfortunately, you can’t increase your downloads speeds from KBPS to MBPS. Only your ISP can do that! You will have to opt for a higher plan that provides you higher speed.

  12. Very great post. I never thought I could again watch youtube videos without much buffering. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really loved browsing your blog posts.

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