How to Schedule an email on Gmail ?

Gmail is the best email service ever.  I have been using it since I began my endeavor on Internet years back now. With its huge storage space, its Labs features and its search functions, Gmail beats its rivals like Yahoo, Hotmail and others.

Why you need a Scheduler on Gmail ?

Scheduling an email is something everyone thinks about having at some point of time. Wishing your closed ones on various occasions (birthdays, anniversaries) or sending reminders to your business partners, colleagues, is always delightful.

How to schedule an email on Gmail ?

The answer to this is using a beautiful app called Boomerang. It is a Chrome and Firefox Extension that helps you schedule the emails you send and receive for a later time.
The plugin for Opera is under development and will be available soon.  It also works with Google Apps emails.

What about the different time zones ?

No need to worry about time zones as Boomerang knows the time-zone of yours and others too.

What about security aspects of my mails ?

There is no loop holes in the security of your mails using Boomerang as it only has access to the header section of your email (i.e  sender ID, subject, date and time to deliver the mail). It has no access to body content of your email, so you can fearlessly use this extension.

How to install and use Boomerang?

1> Download the Boomerang extension from here.

2> The installation is very simple. The download link above also has the step-by-step installation guide with screen-shots.

3> Now, Compose a mail you want to send.

4> Near the send button you will see a Send Later button with a colorful boomerang made over it, just click it.

5> Here, you will be able schedule the email for a future date or a specified time.  You can select from the various available slots or specify your own easily.

That’s all, your email will be delivered to the person at that very specified time while you are having fun at a party.

This small video will help you understand more on Boomerang.


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