How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts On a Single Login ?

A lot of us generally have more than one Gmail accounts with multiple email addresses to send and receive e-mail messages.


For Gmail users who prefer to seamlessly switch and jump between different Gmail accounts without wishing to logout and login to each and every account, Gmail has just introduced a new feature called Email Delegate. It allows Gmail users to delegate and grant access to other Gmail users to the account. This way, other Gmail users can access your email account as well as read and respond to messages.

The user just needs to grant and delegate access to one single primary Gmail account to allow the primary or master account to access all other Gmail accounts.


What all a Delegate can do?

  • A delegate can read, send, and delete messages on your behalf.
  • He can also access the your personal contacts by clicking the Contacts link.
  • Also clicking on the To, Cc, or Bcc links in the mail compose window will bring up your contacts
  • The delegate won’t be able to change your password or account settings and neither can they use your Gmail chat.
  • You can add up to 10 users as delegates for your account.

How to Enable this feature for your account?

1>> Login to the Gmail accounts which you want to be accessed from the master or primary account.

2>> Click on the Settings link on top right of your Gmail window – then click on Accounts and Import tab.

3>> Under ‘Grant access to your account’ , click on the Add another account link.

4>> On the pop up window, enter the email address of the person whom you would want to access your account (i.e. the email address of your primary master Gmail account) and click Next Step.

5>> You’ll see a confirmation message. Click Send email to grant access to send confirmation and verification email.

6>> The delegate (email address entered) will receive a verification email explaining that you’ve granted access to them.

7>>After the delegate confirms this request, it may take up to 30 minutes for the verification process to be completed.
Also Note: To see if the delegate (primary account) has confirmed access to your account, look at the Accounts tab in Settings.

Repeat the steps for all other Gmail accounts.

Once the setup completed, user can just login to the primary Google account, and then access all other Gmail accounts by clicking the down-arrow next to your email address in the upper-left corner, and select the delegate’s email address from the drop-down menu.

Note that any mail messages sent from main account on behalf of delegated account will have main account’s name listed as well as the actual account name. For example, the sender will be shown as “Your Name (sent by Delegate)”. In addition, all contacts on the delegated accounts can be accessed by the delegate by clicking the Contacts link, including he To, Cc, or Bcc links in the mail compose window.


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