Google Talking Shoes : Features, Looks, Preview and More..

▶ You might have seen a talking PC, may be even a talking toy, but have you ever seen a talking shoes? Yeah, a talking shoes from Google called “Google Talking Shoes”.

▶ This is Google’s attempt to breathe life into everyday objects we make use of.

▶ The shoe has an accelerometer, gyroscope, Bluetooth and many advanced technologies in it.

▶ It has a circular speaker which gives you feedback based on your movements.

▶ The feedback is funny, motivating and timely.

▶ It can even push the feedback to Google+ or any Web page.


“If standing still were a sport, you’d be world champion!”

No, this was not a person who was saying this. It was a shoe! Yeah! A talking shoe! Of course, it’s a shoe, don’t read it again and again, it was a shoe! And who made it? None other than the great Google!! Yeah, Google along with shoe maker Adidas has made this possible.

Now, you need to believe this, I even have proof if you can’t believe.

google talking shoes features, Looks, Preview and More


Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet Google’s “talking shoe”, the coolest shoe you can ever have which aims to translate your movements into  humorous messages to motivate and guide you. In fact, it intends to be your walk/run companion.


As part of its “Art, Copy, Code” project, Google is trying to breathe life into everyday objects we make use of. Since we usually wear the shoes everywhere we go, it was opt for Google to do something innovative with it.


In case you are a Google critic and feel this is one more attempt from Google to make a profit selling the shoes, then you are absolutely wrong. Google has made it clear that this is only a concept and it doesn’t intend to commercialize.

However, brands like Adidas, Nike and Reebok could cash upon this concept in the days to come. No wonder if you see the performance of the athletes in the next Olympic games in real-time using this concept of Google Talking Shoes. May be, the rival athletes’ shoes could talk to each other automatically! Can you imagine that?



Watch this amazing video to know what all can a Google Talking shoes do.




Google Talking Shoes: Features, Looks, Preview and More..

Google Talking Shoes is an amazing concept from Google. In an effort to make our lives easier, this would be another great step from Google.

The shoe has an accelerometer, gyroscope and a Bluetooth in it.  It has a circular speaker which gives you feedback based on your movements. The feedback is witty and motivates you to work harder.


It has some of the most advanced sensors and technologies embedded in it which makes it possible for the shoes to give funny, motivating and timely commentary.

That running commentary can be sent by the user to Google+, pushed to a Web page using a mobile app or even broadcasted via speakers built into the shoes.

Google is actively exploring the world of connected objects. To make these shoes, it has partnered with artist Zach Lieberman and YesYesNo.


These days, there’s been a lot of research that is going on how much our friends affect our weight, success, and personal lives.

Many health startups from the Silicon Valley and around the world have attempted to gamify good behavior of users by encouraging them to share their personal goals with friends via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Thus, Google Talking Shoes will open a whole lot of avenues to both makers and users in the days to come.


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Last Thoughts

There are many reasons behind Google making these shoes. One of which is to get people talking about Google and its coolest innovations. But, one can easily see the changing relationship people are about to have with everyday objects as the Internet evolves.


On the other side, Google also wants to show the advertisers that as the trend is changing, there are new advertising opportunities emerging in the market and the brands have to keep pace with it. Google Talking Shoes can easily deliver audio commercials to all of the other runners on a track or members of a gym. Even though it may not sound very cool if you are using the shoes, but would you not like to be intimated about a juice or coffee shop while you are jogging on a new route?


I hope the shoes doesn’t comment on the stinky socks or something like that!


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