Google Music is here!!!

A whole new way to discover and search for Indian music on the Web: Google Music is here!!! Thinking of some free Legal music downloads?Nah.. forget it. Be happy with the same old website from where you previously downloaded that hot number “munni badnam huvi”.

Google has officially launched its specialized Music portal for Indian audiences, bringing the latest Bollywood tune.


Whats the idea behind this?
Basic idea behind Google Music  is cashing in on music too. They tracked all our search these days and have now known that Indians on Internet search the most for music. What else do you think will they do it for? However the secondary idea is for people to discover music more easily, so instead of the default minimalistic Google interface of a sparse page with just a search bar, you will now see a grid of albums on the main page, under the title ‘Explore Music’.

Through this, you can browse soundtracks of the latest Bollywood movies, as well as popular old ones. Using the several filtering options that Google provides, users can easily find songs by their favourite musician or singer (such as A. R. Rahman or Lata Mangeshkar), sort them by genres, filter them by time periods, etc. Currently, only Hindi songs are available.

“Besides this, when you enter any music-related query (such as the name of a song, artist or album) at Google Search — your search results will provide you a single click access to your songs,” Google says. “You can stream these songs unlimited number of times on your computer.


A stolen idea?
The implementation of Google Music India is similar to that of, which has been sued by music label T-Series. That is not the scenario in case of Google though, they’ve partnered with companies that have licensed content legally: Music label Saregama, Web18 owned and the Hungama-212 media JV – Saavn. Like Guruji, Google music search suggests albums, allows users to search artists, films and albums, and offers to even sort music by date. Google music search doesn’t have top 10 lists yet.


This is how it looks:
As you can see from the screen-shot below, the music is played in a pop-up window, and a display ad is run as a footer there. There is probably a revenue share arrangement between the music licensee and Google. Remember that in case of songs that were being played at via Guruji, there were similar ads. Only, this music is legal, and like Guruji was doing, it is being hosted and played from the other sites.


Asking for the URL!!!

Here it is:

Google Music Search (India) Labs

Like with any Google venture, the interface is extremely easy to use and Google Music promises to be a big hit among Indian tune-lovers.


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