Viber: Make FREE Phone Calls from Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Nokia and Blackberry

▶ Viber lets you make FREE phone calls to anyone in any part of the world from Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Nokia and Blackberry. In short, Viber lets everyone in the world connect freely.

▶ The only criteria is that the person you intend to call should also have a Viber app installed on their computer or phone. Of course, he/she should have an active Internet connection.

▶ Viber also allows you to send text messages, photos and video messages globally.

▶ The sound quality of calls is exceptional and you will absolutely love it.

▶ Now, reduce your phone bills to zero! Just install the app and you are all ready! No registration and no hassles.

▶ Continue reading to know how to use Viber and for its download links.



Who said nothing in Life is free?

More than 200 million people worldwide use Viber to make free calls and send text messages.

Most of you would have already known about this service but to some of you, it may be new.

Many start wondering  if Viber is really free? Well, don’t you doubt that! I have been using it on my Samsung Galaxy Note for almost a year now and it is absolutely free!

I must accept that I am a very happy user and admire their truly awesome service. They won’t even run ads and pay high respect to the users privacy and confidentiality.

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Viber – Free Phone Calls, Texts, Photos, Video messages

Viber is a free VoIP app for PCs and Smartphones that lets you make free calls, send texts, photos and video messages to anyone, no matter in whichever corner of the world they stay!

The interface is simple and pretty user-friendly. I like the purple theme of this app. It looks pleasant to the eyes and I hope you appreciate that! Going a step further, you can even customize the background of the messaging screen with a photo of your choice.

There are a plenty of features within the chat interface to spice up your conversations – You can share your current location, add emoticons and fun stickers.

What makes Viber stand out among its competitors is the group feature. You can create numerous groups among your friends and share all the fun with them. There can be up to 40 people in the group and that should be more that enough!

The audio quality is crystal clear and depends on your Internet connection. If you have a good Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G, then you will certainly have an HD sound experience.

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How to use Viber?

Once you have downloaded and installed Viber, using it is damn easy.

Just enter your phone number and you will soon receive an SMS with a code. Use this code in the Viber app to activate it, and you are all done!

All of your phone contacts who have Viber installed their phone will be automatically imported to your Viber contacts. You can then just click on their name to call or send messages. It is all free!

If the person you are calling is offline, he/she will get a missed call notification. However, if you send text messages, photos or video messages, they will be delivered once the person comes online.

In case, if a contact does not have Viber on their phone, you can send them an invitation to install Viber. Viber is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows PC and Mac.

The latest version allows you to transfer live calls between your phone and PC.



Download Links for Viber

Now that you have got to known about Viber. Let me give you the download links.


Viber For Windows PC

It was only recently that Viber was introduced to Windows PC.

To use Viber on your Windows PC, you should already have the latest version of Viber i.e atleast Viber 3.0 installed on your smartphone.

As soon as you install Viber on your Windows PC, it will import all your exisiting Viber contacts from your phone.  Your messages, calls and chat history are all synced on both the phone and PC.

Viber for Windows PC supports video calls just like Skype. You can have a face-to-face conversation with your contact. But then, this is using Viber from desktop-to-desktop only!


Viber for Mac

Viber for Mac is similar to Viber for Windows. Just replace Windows with Mac and read the same above paragraph again!


Viber for your Smartphones



Last Thoughts

This is definitely one of the must have apps on your Smartphone and PC.

The only complaint I have about Viber is that the video call feature is not available to phones but only to desktops. I am sure even this feature will be added in the days to come!

Overall, this free app performed well during our test which makes it deserve a place among the best apps!

Why spend huge bucks on phone calls when you can do it for free?

Get Viber today and enjoy free call and messages for life!


19 Comments to Viber: Make FREE Phone Calls from Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Nokia and Blackberry

  1. already using it broo… AWESOME app.. now i can talk with my friends who are gone to abroad.. 🙂

  2. Who doesn’t love a free meal? Thanks for one more share. Though it sounds much like the popular Skype, the group call of upto 40, seems to be an added bonus. Hope all my contacts get onto this and the i-yr Free WhatsApp, for messaging only, gets a run.

    Thank you, Nikhil, for one more nice share.

  3. nikhil bro, do you have any android app for technojourney. so we can check it there and if something new is posted, we got automated notification about that and post comments, downloading etc. if so plz let us know, it will be much helpful…thnx 🙂

    • Hi Rohit, right now, we don’t have an Android App. But we intend to have one in the days to come. It will be helpful if we have one. We will work on that! Thank you. Have a nice time 🙂

  4. is there any software to call even basic mobiles in offline with out installing any software?? but for free of cost!

    • There are free messaging services to even normal phones, but I have not seen any software that will help you call even on normal phones for free Prasu 🙂 I will update you once I find such a service.

  5. Hello,
    Sorry cant understand how can it work. Actually i have windows laptop only. but no smartphone. It says ”Do you have viber on your mobile yes/no”
    I think it is required that whom i will call he/she must have a smartphone right?

    • Hi Neemi,

      Yes, at first you should have Viber installed on your smartphone and then associate it with Viber on your computer.
      If you don’t have a smartphone, you can’t use Viber on desktop.

      The person you intend to call should also have Viber installed on his/her phone. Then he/she can download Viber on their PC and use it.

      Once both of you have Viber installed on both phone and computer, you can directly chat/call using computer without phone. But as a primary requirement, you should have Viber installed on your smartphone to use Viber on your PC.

      So, if you don’t have a smartphone, I suggest you use Skype. I hope you got it.

  6. Hi, nikhil which O.S of nokia support for this aaps. Am using two mobiles NOKIA 5800 3g which is Symbian s60v5 nd another NOKIA C3 which normaly S40 java based. can i installed this apps both of them or not.

  7. Your style is very unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from.
    Viber really has helped me cut down on my costs. Thanks

  8. Without doubt, viber is the best app I have on my smartphone. Loads of free messages and calls. thanks for sharing such good info nikhil

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