There is something called Laser Projection Keyboard and it Works!

The very first time I heard this word – “Laser Projection Keyboard”, I was like – What? Say that again!

Laser Projection Keyboard eh?

What is that thing?

Is it a Laser light or a Projector or a simple Keyboard? I didn’t really get it!

May be, even you must be hearing it for the first time!

But back in my mind, a video of prospective iPhone quickly passed through. This was that video:

Now, if you have watched the video, you will be definitely feeling – “WOW! What a phone! It’s marvelous”. But, you need to just relax because the above video is a FAKE!

However, did you notice the “Keyboard” in the video? Yes, the one that was projected! Now, that is what this article is all about – Laser Projection Keyboard.

It still looks and feels like science fiction, but this actually works.


The Problem With Phones and Tablets..

Of course, Smartphones and Tablets are really cool! They do most of the tasks a computer can do, they are easy to carry around and have definitely made our lives easier. But, after using them for years now, one thing I absolutely hate is the Keyboard!

I am sure you will agree with me. Imagine typing some business mails or some long paragraphs of text on your Smartphone or Tablet. Is it not really hard and time-consuming?

No matter how you look at it, the physical keyboard is still the unbeaten king when it comes to quickly and conveniently typing text.

But then, you definitely don’t want to carry a big keyboard along with your small Smartphone. It pretty much doesn’t make sense!

So, as a solution to the typing problems you face in gadgets, Laser Projection Keyboard comes in.


Laser Projection Keyboard

A Laser Projection Keyboard is an innovative input tool whereby the image of a virtual keyboard is projected onto a flat-opaque surface. So, whenever you touch the keys on the projected keyboard image, the device recognizes the corresponding keystrokes and sends them to your phone, tablet or PC respectively.

A laser light is used to project the keyboard and a sensor or camera is used to pick up your finger movements. Some of the latest devices even use the invisible infrared beam to pick up accurate keystrokes. On the whole, it’s some kind of advanced optics technology I could say.

A Laser Projection Keyboard can connect to your phone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth or a simple USB cable. Setting up this tool with your gadgets is pretty simple and needs no additional software.

A rechargeable battery powers this device and keeps it going for a long. What makes it more interesting is its size. These keyboards are small and portable. You can carry them along with your phones and tablets anywhere around the world without much fuss. They can even act as a virtual mouse.

However, you will definitely need some time to adapt to using this keyboard. Talking about the cons, yes, there are a quite a few of them! First is that a Laser Projection Keyboard is pretty expensive. You will have to shell out some big bucks if you want to buy this. The keyboard still needs some fine tuning and restructuring in the days to come. And, if you are a gamer like me, you will feel that something is really missing.


Can I Buy One Today?

Of course, you can buy one today!

The most prominent company that makes such projection keyboards is Celluon. It’s a Korean company headquartered in Seoul. Yes, the same place where Samsung comes from!

Their Celluon Epic is the latest model that’s in the market. It is more advanced and accurate than their popular Celluon Magic Cube model.

You can buy Celluon Epic from Amazon Store now!


Last Thoughts

Smartphone and Tablet users who want a full-size keyboard without carrying one around may want to check out this cool keyboard.

It can definitely ease your typing efforts and is a fantastic addition to a tech lover’s desk.

You can even show-off how tech-savvy you are to that cool chick sitting next to you in your office or college. What say?


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  1. Naresh Mintri

    Thanks, Nikhil, for another post. It is an interesting concept, but for the price factor.

    Yes, typing onto the inbuilt keyboard, be it on the smartphone or the tablet/iPad, is a nuisance. The full sized keyboard is convenient. I am looking for a nice one for connecting to my iPad Mini. Any suggestions (keeping the price tag in mind)?


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