How to Easily Sell Used Cell Phones for Cash in US ?

In a nutshell

▶ Looking to sell used mobile phones for cash in America?

▶ Do not throw your old mobile phones.

▶ You can sell them online for a reasonable price and make some good money.

▶ The selling of phones is simple and hardly takes few minutes.

▶ It also saves our mother nature from the toxic waste released when cell phones improperly disposed

Many of us throw the cell phones right after it gets old ans doesn’t function as intended.

How to Easily Sell Used Cell Phones for Cash in US ?

But even broken cell phones have some value. You can make some very good money if you have still not thrown them out.


I myself have changed 3 phones from the day I started using them. I initially had Nokia N-Gage in class 12, yes, I was a gaming freak. Later I bought Nokia N73 during my engineering. And now I own a Samsung Galaxy Note.


Even I had no Idea what to do with the old phones which I had abandoned. I had put them in a box and had thrown them in my attic.


Later, some day while surfing on the Internet I got to know that you can sell your old phones for some very good price online.

Guess what! You can sell them even if they are broken.


Soon, I followed a few simple steps and sold them for some good money.


I had written 2 articles regarding “How to Easily Sell Used Cell Phones for Cash” even before this. That was specifically for UK and US people.


Today I share one more such service with you guys –  selling used phone, this is specifically for US people. Even Indian people can sell phones online to companies in India.



PaceButler Corporation

PaceButler Corporation is a pioneer of cell phone recycling industry in America.

By re-selling or recycling used cell phones to thousands of consumers and non-profit groups nationwide, they have made a brand name for themselves.


It was started by Tom Pace in the year 1987 with just $62.53 in hand, and today they have hundreds of employees and are a big phone recycling organization.


PaceButler provides a fair-market price to consumers for the purchase of their old cell phones.

What is more important is that they prevent unused cell phones from being dumped into public landfills, where their toxic components could pollute precious groundwater supplies and poison the local ecosystem.



 Why you need to sell your old cell phones ?

Selling your old cell phones for cash is a very good option if you need some money to purchase the latest gadget available in the market.


With Pacebutler Corporation, you can earn as much as $100 for each used cell phone, depending on the brand, model, and quality of your old devices.

An older model, naturally, would fetch a much lower price than the new one.


If you have put your old cell phones in the attic or drawers, then here is the right opportunity for you to make some money from them.


By doing this, you also care for mother earth.

The mission of Pacebutler Corporation is to spread awareness about this hazard and to keep as many cell phones as they can away from landfills, through recycling or reuse.



How to sell your used cell phone ?

1>> Find out how much your used cell phones cost by using the Purchase Price List here.

How to Easily Sell Used Cell Phones for Cash in US ?


2>> Select a shipper (FedEx or the US Postal Service), print the corresponding shipping label, and finally, send the phones to them.

how to sell used cell phones for cash


3>> They pay for the shipping, of course, and as you can see, it’s a simple and very convenient process.

How to Easily Sell Used Cell Phones for Cash in US ?


4>> You can finish everything in a few minutes and ship the items from the comfort of your own home.

You will receive your check in the mail, within 4 business days once your phone is received by them.




Official Website Wikipedia How to Easily Sell Used Cell Phones for Cash in US ?




Last Words

Exchanging old cell phones for cash is the best thing to do.

However, it’s not all about money always, it even has the other side – Caring for the mother nature.

The dangerous chemicals and metals found in the cell phones are toxic and should never be let to pollute our environment.


Selling the old cell phones for cash is defintely a “Win-Win” situation for both consumers and the environment.


PaceButler processes nearly 70,000 used cell phones each month and makes the payment to most of them right on time.


I’m sure you’re already aware of just how dangerous used cell phones are to the environment and to our health. Time to act today and sell those old cell phones for cash. Make this easy call.


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