Free SMS to India Android App – FreeSMS is Awesome

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Free SMS to India android App – FreeSMS is Awesome.

▶  Free SMS is an Android app that allows you to send unlimited free SMS on your Android phone with a GPRS connection in it.

▶ Delivery within seconds along with delivery reports.

A lady to a beggar : I have certainly seen you somewhere!

Beggar : Oh lady, you forgot me!

. . . . . .

We are friends on Facebook……

Don’t you like such wonderful jokes?

Free SMS to India Android App

Its true, we all love it.

Sharing memories, love, fun and whatnot; we just share everything via SMS.

Actually, SMS means Short Message Service but some feel it to be Sucking Money Services.

Yes, you read that right. Some users feel that their money is being sucked via SMSs.

But in this article we want you to read SMS as Smile Men Smile


Because we have a solution for stopping Sucking Money Services and bring on Smile Men Smile.

SMSs are the core of any mobile communications. They always take the center stage.

There are many scenarios in our every day life where we prefer to send a SMS over making a call.

SMSs are that important.

SMS is not free in India. Atleast not till you have those costly packs activated on your number. And you need to do this every month.

Why? Why do you want to spend money on things which you can get for free?

Yes, I said free. If you just have an Android Phone, then you can send unlimited SMS all over India.

Well if you don’t have one, you can still send too. You can use the SMS gateways which I will be discussing later in this article and directly use them to send SMS.


FreeSMS – Free SMS to India

Is an Android app that allows you to send unlimited free SMS on your Android phone with a GPRS in it.

Developed by a dynamic Indian Ayush Pateria, this app is doing great on the Android market.

This amazing Android app allows you to send SMS to any mobile numbers across India.

The app has clean and simple user interface which is makes it a winner of the service.

It is very quick and simple to use too. So users must not be having any problems while using the app.

To get started you need to register at the supported SMS gateways.


How to register at SMS gateways?

FreeSMS – Free SMS to India supports many SMS gateways like :

  1. Way2SMS.
  2. FullonSMS.
  3. Site2SMS.
  4. 160by2.
  5. YouMint.

If you want more gateways to be added then you need to just mail the developer Ayush.

To register, you will have to visit the respective sites and provide necessary details.

One thing which you guys should remember here is that you will need an Indian Mobile Number for registering.

Once registered, you will get a password to your mobile number on verifying which you will get the login details.

Now, you can enter these login id and password into the FreeSMS – Free SMS to India app on your Android phone, and you are all done.

Your SMSs will be delivered to your friend in seconds.



  • Send multiple SMS at one shot.
  • Remembers your username, password and gateway ever or until you logout.
  • Get receipt’s mobile numbers from your mobile contacts.
  • Choose your SMS from the in-built huge SMS collection of every occasion.
  • Character limit of a maximum of 260 characters (Site2SMS).
  • Your mobile number in sender ID (YouMint).
  • Delivery within seconds.
  • Delivery Reports.
  • All operations on external server.



1>> Visit the Android Market on your phone.

2>> Search for “FreeSMS” app.

3>> Click on “Download” and install it on your phone.

or even you can visit this URL directly :


User Reviews

It has some very good user reviews. It rates 4.5 for 5. That’s a very good rating.

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Free SMS to India Android App

Last Words

This app is as lite as a feather on your phone.

If you ask me how ?

Then, let me tell you – The app does all the complex operations like recognizing the response from gateway, formatting the message and numbers on external server itself and not on your phone.

This, saves a lot of your battery and RAM usage on your phone.

Also if the SMS gateway’s change the existing settings, you need not worry as Ayush is ready to fix them as soon as you face such problems.

It’s an awesome app to have on your Android phone. Grab one today!


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