Few Unknown Tips About Everyday Electronics

▶ There are several hidden tips about the electronics and gadgets that you would not know.

▶ In this post, we have tried to share a few interesting ones with you.

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Electronics has changed the world we live in. It has made our lives easier.

Gadgets, who doesn’t use them today? Right from an office attender to the CEO, they all use one or the other.


But do you know that all these electronics have some hidden features which you may not know.

Well, then let me share a few useful ones here today.



The Best TV Viewing DistanceFew Unknown Tips About Everyday Electronics

Generally, people sit far away from their flat panels or HD TV.

But if you need to have an optimal TV viewing experience , you need to sit at a certain distance.

Also, sitting too far away from TV strains your eyes and also you could miss certain minute details.

So what is the optimal TV viewing distance?

Recommendations can vary, but as a thumb rule, take the screen size in inches, multiply it by 1.5 and you get the ideal viewing distance in inches.

For example, for a 32-inch HD TV, you need to sit about 48 inches i.e around 3.5 feet away.

Now, make the necessary seating arrangements and have a optimum immersive visual HDTV experience.

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Usually Unused Call Barring ServiceFew Unknown Tips About Everyday Electronics

Call Barring lets you control the calls on your phone.

You can either bar the outgoing calls or incoming calls.

Even though this feature is present on most of the phones, people hardly use it.

This feature is very useful at times.

Sometimes you would not want to receive calls. Or sometimes when you are handing your phone to some one else.

Usual settings include restricting all incoming /outgoing calls, outgoing international calls or calls when roaming.

To use this feature, Go to Settings > Call Settings and open the sub menu for call barring. Here you can easily activate the restriction of your choice.

If available, set a password so that no one else can change the settings.

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DVD Lens CleaningFew Unknown Tips About Everyday Electronics

Most of us have a DVD player at home.

After using it for few months, you will generally see the reduction in video quality.

This is not due to some technical problem. It is merely due to the dust.

Yes, dust is the culprit that gives us a bad video watching experience.

If you guys don’t know, then let me tell you – Most of the CD or DVD players have their lenses facing upwards.

When dust accumulates on the lens, it causes many issues like slower loading times, read errors (skips, pops) or a complete failure to read the disc.

The easiest way to prevent this is to simply leave a disc inside the player at all times.

The disc completely covers the lens and acts as a shield that prevents dust from settling.

If you haven’t used your CD player for a long time, make sure to eject the disc first and clean it before playing.

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Tweaking Audio Equalizer for the Best SoundFew Unknown Tips About Everyday Electronics

When it comes to tweaking our audio equalizer, most of the times we abruptly increases the levels to boost certain frequencies inorder to get best sound.

However, that is not a better way to tweak.

It’s always better to first move all the frequencies to the zero position or lower position.

Then rise each frequencies to the maximum one at a time and check how it sounds.

Next, leave the respective levels at the positions where you feel it is apt.

These settings will give you better sound and also protect your speakers from damage.

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Set Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in iOS DevicesFew Unknown Tips About Everyday Electronics

One of the most useful features of iOS  happens to be often neglected as well.

Well I am referring to keyboard shortcuts.

This saves typing time and effort for often used phrases.

To use this feature, Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and tap on Add New Shortcut. Now type in the phrase and the corresponding shortcut that you want to use and then Save.

Now when you are typing in any app, enter the shortcut and it will automatically enter the phrase it is associated with. No need to type in the complete phrase.

Here we created a shortcut for Thank you very much“, using tyvm.

This feature helps even in emails. When composing email, simply open a new message and key in the shortcut you’ve created and easily you can enter the phrase.

Taking the time to set up shortcuts for your most used phrases will save you valuable time later on.

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Volume Levels on iPodFew Unknown Tips About Everyday Electronics

iPods were the first to create the buzz even before other Apple devices were released.

A lot of us still own a iPhone and prefer listening to music on it.

But you would have noticed that songs have different volume levels.

While listening on the earphones, you can easily know the changing volume levels which forces you to adjust volume constantly.

That would be due to different audio formats or sometimes due to the sources from where the song is obtained.

But did you know that iPod has a setting called “Sound Check”.

When this feature is turned on, it automatically adjusts or normalize volume levels of different songs to similar levels.

To activate this feature, navigate to Settings > Music > Sound Check.  Note that Sound Check only works with the default music player.

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Last Thoughts

Hope these little-known tips about everyday electronics and gadgets helped you.

There are lot of such hidden secrets behind every gadgets and every electronic product. It is to us to explore such things and share with the world.

If you know some more such hidden or less known things, do share them in the comments with us.

Explore your gadget today.


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