Reset Windows Password with Recovery Software iAidsoft License Key

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Reset Windows Password with Recovery Software iAidsoft License Key :

▶ Have you ever wondered what to do if you lose your Windows login password?

▶ Do you know that you can do nothing and you will have to format your PC installing Windows OS again losing crucial data and softwares.

▶ But, wait! This software which costs $34.95 can help you reset Windows password easily without the loss of any data or softwares.

Download iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery

▶ And I have 20 license keys worth $699 to be given away to you guys.

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Reset Windows Password with Recovery Software iAidsoft License Key

Life is not how we want it to be. Sometimes few unwanted things happen too.

One of the worst things that a computer user can run into is forgetting their Windows login password.


Let me share a real example of my friend here. He frequently used to change the passwords so as to have greater security but he never wrote them down.

On one bad day, he had just changed the password of his Windows 7, but couldn’t recall it. Even after several attempts to recall the password, he failed. He knew I was quite a geek, so he quickly called me and asked what to do?

Now what can one do? Have you ever imagined what can be done if you lose your Windows 7, Vista or XP login Password.


One thing which you can do is to format your computer and re-install Windows OS, but you will lose some important data and softwares. Also, re-installation again takes time.

But thankfully, there is something else which we can do. Yes, there is a way. We can reset Windows password with the help of a windows password recovery software.

And this can be done without losing any data or softwares from your computer.


You guessed it right! That is what I suggested my friend and he quickly reset Windows password and logged into his system again.


Well, this article is all about that – How to reset Windows password and easily log into the system?

There are many software applications that help you reset Windows password which are free like Ophcrack which recovers the Windows Password. But, I today share with you guys one of the coolest software among all, iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery.



iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery

iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery is a powerful Windows tool that allows you to reset passwords of all administrator and user login accounts on Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

It is one of the best Windows password recovery software available in the market currently.

It is very simple to use and requires no extra effort to learn using it.

Using iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery, you can easily reset Windows administrator password and other user account passwords on not just Windows 7, you can also reset the passwords of Windows Vista, XP and even 2000..

This Windows password recovery application supports both CD/DVD or USB drive to reset windows password.



How to use iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery?

As I said earlier using iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery software is very easy.

Let me show you step-by-step instruction on using this software.


1>> Since your computer already locked, you will have to go to another computer (may be your friend’s) which has access to the Internet.


2>> You will then have to download the iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery software from here.


3>> Once you download the software, you have to install it on the same computer on which you downloaded. Here is the screenshot of the software once installed.

Reset Windows Password with Recovery Software iAidsoft License Key


4>> On the main window, you will have to choose either “How to burn bootable CD?” or “How to burn bootable USB drive?” depending on whether you want to burn a CD or pen drive.

Checkout detailed tutorial on burning CD or burning USB here.

Reset Windows Password with Recovery Software iAidsoft License Key


5>> Once you have burned the CD or pen drive, next you will have to insert/plug it to your computer on which you have forgot the Windows login password and press the restart button.

Also, check How to boot from CD or How to boot from USB.


6>> After restarting, you will see a boot menu screen, choose “Load Windows Password Recovery” and hit “Enter”, then you can remove Windows user password under DOS, or you can choose other options if you need.


7>> Next, Type your selection(“1” or “2”), then press “Enter” to continue, “Esc” to exit.

Reset Windows Password with Recovery Software iAidsoft License Key


8>> Now type the index of Windows installation path, then press “Enter” to continue as seen in the screenshot below.


9>> All Windows account user names under this Windows will be displayed for you. Type the index of a user name, like 0, 1, 2 or 3, then press “Enter”, the password of the user will be cleared or removed immediately.


10>> It will ask you if you want to remove passwords of some more users, you will have to choose either Y or N.


11>> You are all done now! Just remove the bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive and then press “CTRL + ALT + DELETE” to restart your PC.

Now you can log on your computer without a password! Whoa!



Key Features

1>> Easiest and safest way to reset Windows password.

  • You can reset Windows password for Admin or any other users.
  • Remove lost Windows password without reinstalling the OS again.
  • Recover Windows password securely without any data loss.


2>> Convenience to Reset Windows password via CD/DVD or USB drive.

  • iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery support burning CD/DVD with in minutes.
  • You can also create a bootable password reset USB drive with a click of a button.


3>> Easy steps to reset Windows password.

  • Download and install the software on an accessible computer and burn a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive reset disk.
  • Insert the burned CD/DVD or USB drive into your locked PC, boot from it to reset passwords.


4>> Works on all brands of Laptop and Desktop

  • Compatible with any brands of Windows desktops and laptops, like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, etc.
  • Work well on any computer model, original or the latest upgraded one.


5>> User friendly Windows password recovery software

  • iAidsoft Windows Recovery Software is very easy to easy, no technician skills needed.
  • iAdisoft provides Free tech support always.





Official Website Wikipedia Reset Windows Password with Recovery Software iAidsoft License Key




OS Compatibility : iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000. (32 and 64 bit).

System Requirements :
Processor: 1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)
Free Hard Disk Space: 50MB or more
RAM: 256MB or above



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Congratulations to the Winners.



Last Words

You never know how situations will turn out to be. I say this is one of the softwares to have in your kitty.

Even if not you, atleast your friends may benefit from it someday.

iAidsoft Windows Password Recovery is efficient and robust to reset Windows password and help you tackle the problem.

As I said there are many freeware tools available to reset Windows password, but paid ones are better and efficient.

Hereafter, never panic when you forget the Windows password.


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  1. Thanks for your “happy to help” attitude.I understand the treasure pleasure you feel in deep of your heart.I am very happy to know your prudent way of sharing the keys with the right person.thanks a lot..!!!

    I am impressed upon visiting your website. Truly I required this software key.

  2. And main thing is that it is having many features like:
    1.Easiest and safest way to reset Windows password.
    2.Convenience to Reset Windows password via CD/DVD or USB drive.
    3.Easy steps to reset Windows password.
    4.Works on all brands of Laptop and Desktop.
    5.User friendly Windows password recovery software.

    I have never heard of this software before….but after reading the description given above I really find it interesting and I really want this software…because no one knows what will happen 2morrow…If some how I lose my windows login password,then I cannot do anything….except formatting..then all my software’s ,movies,games,pictures will be lost..
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    I really love this web site , because ,they always give aways some keys for free ….good job NIKHIL !!

    When I was using XP ,I was having hiren boot…its a software from which we can recover our login password…but it only works in XP…but now I am using WINDOWS 7 so I dont have any software that can recover login password 4rm window 7 that’s why I really need this software…And that hiren boot software was so tough to use..and understand…..but after reading the description given above I really find it interesting and I would like to use it..and it is said…that It is very easy to use and there is no extra work to do…and we can use it on XP,VISTA,WINDOWS7…..thats why I really need this…software…please count me in….
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  4. Om Prakash

    Reset Windows Password is a premium software used to recover your forgotten password very easily just by burning a cd or through usb port.Follow the easy steps said by The Admin.Thank You

  5. The experience forgot admin windows password happened to me few days ago. And I searched in the Internet to find the solution. Then I found a windows password reset tool called Windows Password Reset Deluxe have a good evaluation.

    I tried it as the steps:
    Step1:Download and install Windows Password Reset from
    Step2:Burn Windows Password Reset ISO file to CD/DVD,or USB.
    Step3:Put in my newly created CD and remove my Windows Password.

    It really great help to me reset windows admin password.

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    Provide key of elite keylogger v5.0 and winspy v9.9 full version.
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  11. I am already having problems in my computer, while logging I don’t know what happens, when I write password For every first 4-5 tries the computer shows that the password is wrong.Then after restarting computer writing again the password it works smoothly.I doubt it if the problem grows to maximum And in future if cannot login my computer then what will I do…but after reading the description given above I really find it interesting and i would like to use it..
    so i request u to kindly provide me with the license key so that i use it to the fullest …..
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    Hi Nikhil,

    M Facing some problem!
    M Using win 7 ultmt.
    M installed to software Successfully
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    M clicking on icon of BURN CD NOW.
    but its not taken any Action
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    So please help me yr,

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    Iaidsoft password recovery would be quite useful especially for retrieving archived work. Recently I brought out Cd’s that I had some older work stored on them and could not for the life of me remember the passwords. To be truthful I’m kind of bumble headed anyway and usually use simple passwords like pet names and such. Unfortunately my wife and I have had many pets since they continually replenish somehow. Anyway to get to the point, thank you iAidsoft, and Nikhil for the opportunity to win this software. I hope it’s not too late?

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