Make Your Bad Photos Look Good with Simply Good Pictures 2 Download for Free

In a nutshell

▶ Do you ever wanted to make your bad photos look good?

▶ Well, I have a software suggestion for you to do this called Simply Good Pictures 2.

▶ Simply Good Pictures 2 is a professional photo optimizing software that makes use of complex algorithms to make your bad photos look good and your good photos to look better.

▶ It has various built-in features like auto contrast adjust, tone adjust, re-sharpening, color correction and more.

▶ It normally costs $24.99 to buy, but as a promotional offer, you get it free for limited period.

Download the software from here and get the License Key from here to activate the software.

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Make Your Bad Photos Look Good

How many photos have you not posted on Facebook just because they were of poor quality?

I know how you feel, when you have a beautiful picture at a great location but can’t share it with your friends because of its poor quality.


Well, that will not be the case anymore. The greatest advancement in the image recognition and rectifying technology can make your bad photos look good.

Today, I will introduce you to a software which most of you will love! Almost all of you using Facebook would want to download this software because it makes your bad photo look good, a good photo look better.


Meet, Simply Good Pictures 2, an innovative and professional photo optimizing software that makes use of complex algorithms to make your photos look good in just a few clicks.

It performs an in-depth analysis of your original photo and then applies the necessary filters to make the photo look more realistic and awesome.

Take a look at the screenshot of the software below. You will know what this photo optimizing software is capable of!

 Make Your Bad Photos Look Good


Now, you may want to ask me – Why do they give such useful software for free? Well, this software costs $24.99 to buy online. But, as a promotional offer from the company, for a limited period, you can download Simply Good Pictures 2 full version for free.

So, make the best of this offer and download a copy for yourself today!

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How to get Simply Good Pictures 2 full version download for free?

So if you are looking to make your bad photos look good, follow these simple steps below:


1. Visit the Promo Page here and enter your first name, last name and email address. Click on “Send” button. (Enter a valid email address as the license key will be mailed to it.)

2. Check your email inbox, you should have got a mail from The mail would consist of a confirmation link. Click on it.

3. Next, you will receive one more mail along with a License Key for Simply Good Pictures 2.

4. Now, download the software from this link and activate it using the License Key you received.


That’s it. Now, use this complex photo optimizing  software to make your bad photos look good. Post them on Facebook, Twitter or on any site you always wanted to, but hesitated because of its bad quality.

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More about Simply Good Pictures 2 software

For some of you who would like to know more about this software, here are the details.

Simply Good Pictures 2 is somewhere round 9MB and doesn’t hog on your system resources. It has advanced image re-construction algorithms which identify human faces and optimize them, correct exposure and color mistakes, adjust tone, lighten shadows and more.

The user interface is easy to navigate. Both beginners and experts will find it easy to use of the software.


Let’s take a quick look at its key features.

1. The software optimizes at only certain parts of images that it feels are necessary.

2.  It then re-adjusts the tone of your photo.

3. It automatically can re-sharpen, adjust contrast, do white balance and hue control.

4. It eliminates fog and other weather influences, undesired color cast and other unwanted stuff of the image.

5. It supports various image formats like .jpg, .bmp, .tiff, .raw and more.


Talking about the system requirements, it runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It needs a good 800Mhz or higher processor, with at least 1 GB RAM.


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Final Thoughts

Simply Good Pictures 2 is a professional application designed to optimize your photos.

It is primarily intended for users who quickly want to optimize photos without much fuss.

Hope, you make the best use of the current offer and download this software.

Want to easily make your bad photos look good? Now what’s stopping you?

Let me know your comments about this software after using it.


36 Comments to Make Your Bad Photos Look Good with Simply Good Pictures 2 Download for Free

  1. Thanks, Nikhil, for one more share!!!! You are indeed awesome!

    I have downloaded and activated it. Now to get working with it…. will do it later today!

  2. ajay patel

    Thanks Nikhil,
    It is so nice & easy to use.
    Somehow it is better than freeware like irfan view.
    how can you find this type of great things ?

  3. just got software n serial no.
    njoying it and enjoying your blog very much
    thank you for these tips.
    but i missed KIS key. so sad about it.

  4. bhanu pratap

    it is the coolest app for girls . and we can use it also to make edit the photo to make fun of them.
    really nice work bro . good post .

  5. dinesh kumar

    sir, plz i need to windows 8 server with full version…i want to install in my computer….

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