IDM – Internet Download Manager 6.23 2015 Free Download, Review and Giveaway

▶ Internet Download Manager 6.23 Serial Number Key as a part of our exclusive New Year giveaway.

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▶ Internet Download Manager 6.23 or IDM 6.23 is a comprehensive download tool for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP that can accelerate downloads by up to 5 times.

▶ It has a smart download logic accelerator that divides the file into many pieces, and downloads each chunk simultaneously.

▶ The improved FLV grabber can now save videos from various video hosting sites in just a click.

▶ It is fully compatible with latest Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 OS.



SpeedUp Downloads

Downloads are an integral part of the Internet. Every now and then we download some or the other thing from it. It may be songs, softwares, videos or some documents; downloads are always there.


Most of you might have a very good Internet connection at home or work. While some have more than 1-8MBps broadband speeds, others still have a 256KBps – 512KBps connections.

The speed we get from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will not change. It will be fixed and as promised by them. For example, If you have a 1MBps connection then the download speed will be around 1MBps/8 = 128KBps.If you have a 2MBps connection then the download speed will be around 256kbps and so on. Surely, nothing can be done about this.


Internet Download Manager 6.14 Serial Number Key

But what can change is the way the downloads happen.

Everything you download from the Internet is in a form of a file. By dividing the file up into many pieces, and downloading each chunk simultaneously will improve your download speeds by more than 300-400%.

No wonder, Internet Download Manager 6.23 or IDM 6.23 claims to accelerate your download speeds by a staggering 500%.


In this article, you will know more about Internet Download Manager 6.23.


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Internet Download Manager 6.23 or IDM 6.23

Internet Download Manager 6.23 is a comprehensive download tool for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP that can accelerate downloads by up to 5 times.

IDM 6.23 comes with a complete error recovery and resume capability features that will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems.


It also has integration with numerous popular browsers, as well as the ability to rip FLV videos from various media streaming sites including a powerful scheduling and organizing features.

Each time the program recognizes a video in FLV format on a site like YouTube, you’ll see a button, and it’s one click, you will have it downloaded.

IDM 6.14 free download- Internet Download Manager 6.14 Serial Number Key

I have already told you how Internet Download Manager 6.18 speeds up your file downloads. It has a smart download logic accelerator that does the file segmentation and safe multipart downloading. In the process, IDM reuses available connections without the need of connecting and logging in for best acceleration performance.


The main interface of IDM 6.23 is simple, clean and neatly organized. Getting around Internet Download Manager 6.23 is quick and efficient with its rich settings menu. You can change the way the program handles certain file formats or the default download locations with ease. The compact interface is packed with options, but the main features are easily accessed from a toolbar at the top.


The program is effortlessly kept up-to-date with their built-in quick update feature. This works like a breeze and updates the application with just a click. So, with IDM 6.23 you are always on top of things with no much effort.

IDM 6.23 encases all the features specific to a decent download manager, including drag and drop support, a task scheduler, virus protection, queue processor, HTTPS support, progressive downloading with quotas, command line parameters, sounds, ZIP preview and proxy servers.


The program is lean and leaves a very small CPU and memory footprint; that means it won’t bog down your system nor will your CPU be running hot because of it.


Giveaway is popular for giving away Genuine software for free to its readers with sponsorships from the companies and others. By arranging such giveaways, we are trying to bring an awareness in people about having genuine software instead of opting for IDM 6.23 Cracks and Patches.


You can know more about our Giveaways from here.


We have previously had 3 IDM Serial Number Key giveaways held here at Technojourney.

  1. Internet Download Manager 6.08 2012 Free Download with Serial Key
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This is our 4th IDM Serial Number Key giveaway and we are excited!

All credits to our sponsors and you guys – our readers. You have made us a success.


As usual, the contest is damn simple..

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What’s new with the IDM 6.23?

1. We all know that the latest version of Windows, Windows 8 was out last year. So, Internet Download Manager 6.23 now comes compatible with Windows 8. If you have Windows 8 running on your computer, then IDM 6.23 is the version you will need.


2. The various browsers we have on the Internet keep updating every now and then. Internet Download Manager 6.23 is now equipped to work with all those new versions without any flaws.


3. Downloading videos and music are now very easy. IDM 6.23 supports more video hosting sites and that should bring smiles on your face!!




The winners were randomly chosen from and were thoroughly checked with the rules. Congratulations to the winners.

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Last Thoughts

Internet Download Manager 6.23 needs no description. Without a thought, it is the #1 download manager in the market.
The only disadvantage of this tool is that it’s a shareware and available at a price.

It is one of the most awarded softwares of the year.

This is a must have software on every desktop and laptop. No wonder if you see a mobile version of this software in future.

What do you feel about IDM 6.23 ? Let us know through the comments below.


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  2. Excellent Giveaway, Best Download Manager Ever, Very Powerful. It wont let the file once you set download. Resume, pause stop. Download later whenever you want. Works like perfect. To be Frank, I always used pirated version of this software like patches, crack etc..And I am sorry for contribution in software piracy. But the fact that Piracy work very easily…Just kidding..

    Anyway, I must say this is not the kind of software having very attractive interface , like these days seems to be company more focus on GUI to look attractive, But it works like charm. So quality always matter, not attractive GUI.

    Thanks Technojourney for Campaign.

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  4. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the fastest and most efficient downloaders out there on the market. I have previously used a couple already not to mention DAP. I simply like to total fuctionality and efficiency of this download package. As we all know; you can not get a free standard version for IDM. It will cost you to get the best. Unless of course; you have an opportunity like this presented to you to win a free license. Please count me in. 

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    It has come to notice that many users who participate in ur Giveaways and after winning they play contests in their own forums or websites by fooling others. Is it legal, Nikhil ? Most of them have the cunning habit of collecting keys from your Giveaways fooling others only to popularize themselves, depriving others giving a chance to win.
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    i am using patched vesion before & After visiting tehnojourny i knew what the genuine is…

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  8. Hi Dada. The give aways are always good because they are free. But your give aways are best because you give a complete analysis. I really admire. Thanks a lot. Wish me for one free license.

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  11. It is my favorite software i really love it. but i use presently crack of IDM! so please count me NiKhil its my dream.


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  14. Wow! You have kept us updated on new developments in software industry. Thanx for the giveaway.
    Anyone who has used IDM before will quickly go for IDM 6.14! It is amazing!

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    Thanks very much for choosing to give away a license key to me. Happy to receive the email containing the key. Looking forward to participate in more giveaways. Nice initiative to promote the use of legitimate licensed software. Nice job.

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  19. hello dear can you send me idm 6.1.5 serial key i shall be thankfull to u i really need it send me plz on my emeil .

  20. hello dear can you send me idm 6.1.5 serial key i shall be thankfull to u i really need it send me plz on my emeil .

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