FREE Temple Run 2 for PC Download Full Version


▶ Temple Run is one of the most popular games ever played in the history of gaming. Temple Run 2 is a sequel to Temple Run and is better than Temple Run. Get free Temple Run 2 for PC download with full version and enjoy playing it on big screen.

▶ It comes with awesome graphics and an improved gameplay than its predecessor.

▶ You have new obstacles, more powerups and more characters to have more fun.

▶ For those of you don’t have Android or like playing such games on big screen, this is for you.

▶ Of course, you need to have BlueStacks installed to play any Android apps on Windows PC.

▶ For more details on downloading and installing Temple Run 2 for PC, scroll down the article.



When Temple Run was originally launched in the year 2011, the makers had no idea that it would be such a huge success.

FREE Temple Run 2 for PC Download Full Version

As of today, Temple Run has been downloaded more than 170 million times and is one of the most popular games ever played. Now, I need not even talk about the addictiveness of the game as the numbers do the talking here. A game being downloaded for more than 170 million times is just ridiculous. It’s more of a phenomenon than a game!


But here in this article today, we are not talking about Temple Run, we are talking about it’s successor Temple Run 2, the latest release from the Imangi Studios.

Temple Run 2 is the sequel to Temple Run, and it has enough new features to make it an excellent follow-up.

Let’s take a dive inside and look at what Temple Run 2 has to offer and how you can have it running on your PC. Many would love to play such games on big screens and running it on your PC is just the perfect thing to do if you don’t have a tablet.


Temple Run 2 for PC Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Temple Run 2 has is its undeniably addicting nature. Not much has changed in the game play; essentially, you run for as long as possible bypassing all obstacles that come your way while attempting to collect as many coins as possible.

However, there is ultimately no escape. You will always die, and the reason for playing again is just to get a little farther than before.

As you’d expect, coins work as a means of currency allowing you to unlock new characters and more cool stuffs. The coins also help you get new power-ups, the duration of power-ups, or even increase their point multipliers. So, with the increase in the number of coins, you achieve even higher scores.

There are also Gems that are present in this game. They are very rare as they act as “lives” which allows you to continue the run even after you have died; of course they also act as a means of currency. Be careful though, as continuous use of gems will increase the cost, making the next revival all the more expensive.

While the basic mechanics remain the same, the straight lines and right angled paths have been replaced with curving and dipping paths which feel much more organic.

Temple Run 2 has four playable characters, like the original, but this time each character adds a unique element to the gameplay which makes the game further more interesting.



Graphics in Temple Run 2 for PC

The graphics of the game has received a complete overhaul. It looks cooler than before.

A fresh coat of paint, brighter colors, brand new textures and awesome lighting effects make it all more addictive. The player character models look more real, not to forget the monster, it does scare you.

All new traps, including flamethrowers, large spike wheels and the new mine cart helps to mix up the gameplay and keep things fresh.



Temple Run 2 for PC Download and Installation

1. It goes without saying that to run Android apps on your Windows PC you need to have BlueStacks.

If you don’t have it on your PC, then learn to install BlueStacks on Windows PC using this step-by-step tutorial.

2. Once you have installed BlueStacks, on the main screen, you will find the search button towards the right top. You need to click on it.

3. A search window opens where you will have to type “Temple Run 2” and click on Find.

4. Up next, click on the Install button on Temple Run 2.

5. BlueStacks searches for the game from 4 sources from namely 1Mobile, GetJar, Amazon Apps and Google Play. While you can directly download apps from 1mobile and GetJar, the Amazon Apps and Google Play need you to sign-in to download.

So click on the Temple Run 2 icon from 1Mobile as seen in the screen-shot below

Temple Run 2 for PC Download

6. The download and installation would then begin and will take a few minutes.

7. Next, just click on the “My Apps” on the top left of the main windows. Here, you can find all the Android apps you have downloaded.

8. Click on the Temple Run 2 icon and start playing.


I can promise you that you will have a great time playing this.



How to play Temple Run 2 for PC?

Control of your character is completely handled by making use of your mouse. You can slide under or jump over obstacles, also turn left or right as you run. That’s about it, and it works great. Your average run won’t last more than a few minutes and is perfect for killing time in a lift or during a television ad break.


Last thoughts

Temple Run 2 hasn’t changed it’s secret formula of the game. In my opinion, it’s the simplicity that’s the secret ingredient. This is what makes the game a success.

It is well worth the download, especially as it’s free.

You can’t really go wrong. A word of warning though; it remains extremely addictive.

Don’t blame me if you end up losing a few hours or even a day.


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  1. I have already bluesticks installed. but temple run not playing perfectly because man not moving on half road and coins taken time. so please suggest me how can i fix this problems.

  2. certainly like what you are saying and the way in which wherein you assert it.
    You are making it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it sensible.
    I cant wait to read much more from you.
    This is really a tremendous website.

  3. Hey Nikhil i have 1 GB graphic card with GEFORCE and 2 GB Ram. and m using win 7 32 bit and M also full updated my pc. but temple run 2 not working perfectly yr.! and i also tried some other pc i get same problem. man not collecting coins and not moving in half road. and its is hard truth this types games not working by bluestick! otherwise other games working fine without any problems. r u sure & confirm Nikhil.. temple run and this types other games working with bluesticks?

    • Thats a decent configuration Bakshi. I wonder why you are facing problems. I was able to play fine on my test computer that had 2GB Graphic Card and 4GB RAM. Its true that Temple Run 2 uses too many resources than Temple Run 1.

  4. i installed temple run 2.but the man is not collecting the coins on half road,since on a phone this is done by tilting the phone.what should i do?
    can i change the controls from tilting to anything possible in PC?

  5. hey…after i search temple run 2 in search box i got the file,but below tat 1mobile i didt get any file as temple run 2 as you mentioned…pls reply…….thank you….

  6. Hi Nikil, My laptop config is 3gb RAM 512 MB dedicated graphics ATI.(SONY) With this config, is it possible to install BlueStacks properly……..?

    Actually I tried installing it, as u mentioned in step by step pic for installing Bluestack, it went smoothly till step4. Once downloading is over window shown in step5 opens showing loading… (same thing even after 20mins)….. Is there any sol’n…??

    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank u.

  7. Aamir Saifi

    This game is awesome, i am addicted to it Fruit Ninja HD For PC Free Download Now No Need To Download Blustack Player!

  8. Hi Nikhil, thanks for the app! It works great man! But I am having an issue with the screen. Well, it is 90 degrees turned. I mean, it appears like, how the screen appears in Windows 7 when you press the Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow. Please help me out dude!

  9. How can i Tile to collect coins to desktop what is control to tile desktop and Thank You Very Much for Help………..:)

  10. Farhan Rahaman

    What can I do to improve that(I don’t know much about computers, so please don’t mind)?

  11. Farhan Rahaman

    The system requirements of Bluestacks is as rigid as diamonds…well the system configuration of my other computer is:windows vista home premium, 2gb ram,32 bit. Now, they have a new dialogue:You need windows vista SP2….

  12. how to check wether i have a graphic card or not?????
    (i have taken my pc 5 weeks back……… pls dont mind)
    reply me as fast as u could

  13. When player comes on the half road,He falls down.
    Can’t complete that…!
    and how to tilt on PC???
    Otherwise it’s awesome with other games..

  14. Hi friends, how is all, and what you want to say about this super game, in my view its truly awesome. I m enjoying nicely

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