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▶ As a part of our “Clean Your Computer Day”, you can now get Free System Mechanic Download with Activation Key absolutely free.

▶ System Mechanic is used by more than 45 million people worldwide to keep over 75 million computers optimized and running in pristine condition.

▶ It has been #1 best-selling PC tune-up software for many years.

▶ It is generally priced at $49.95 per copy.

System Mechanic Free Download Link

▶ It is fully compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

▶ Continue reading to know more about System Mechanic and the giveaway.

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Keeping the computers running at pristine condition is one of the vital tasks of every PC user.

System Mechanic Download with Activation Key

When you have your PC running at its best, then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. There will be less system crashes and an increased performance.


Well today, I will be talking about System Mechanic. Most of you might have already heard about it I guess. We even had an exclusive giveaway for System Mechanic here at

System Mechanic was introduced to the world 15 years ago way back in 1998. Since then, System Mechanic has been used by more than 45 million people worldwide and has optimized over 75 million computers.


Even today, it remains one of the best-selling PC tune-up software in the world.

System Mechanic comes from the stables of iolo technologies, which is globally recognized as one of the top sources for innovative computer optimization solutions. iolo technologies, has also won many awards for their coolest softwares.


In this article today, you can get Free System Mechanic Download with Activation Key as a part of our exclusive 36th Giveaway as we celebrate “Clean Your Computer Day”.


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What is “Clean Your Computer Day”?

Most of you would be not aware of this but the second Monday of every February is celebrated as “Clean Your Computer Day”.

A very innovative idea which was originally sponsored by the Institute for Business Technology since 2000.

On this day, you are supposed to clean your computer from unused files and folders and making it completely clutter free.

To help you in the process, we asked iolo technologies to supply us a few licenses of System Mechanic and they happily agreed to do so.

All thanks to Jack from iolo technologies.

Now let’s take a look at what System Mechanic has to offer us on this special day.



System Mechanic

System Mechanic is a comprehensive Windows application that offers you with everything you’ll ever need to clean and speed up your PC, fix ghastly problems and protect your privacy. In simple words, it is a complete suite of powerful system repair and maintenance tools.


It offers loads of cleaning and optimizing features for Windows systems like PC Cleanup, Registry Tuner, Startup Optimizer, Memory Mechanic, Drive Accelerator, Shortcut Repair, and Internet Connection Repair. It can back up and save Registry settings and Undo changes with its SafetyNet feature.


Talking about the installation of this software, it hardly takes few minutes. On installation you will have an option to install Free or the Full version. Most of you can choose the Free option while others who will get the System Mechanic activation key from us can choose the Full version of the installation which comes with additional features.


The Free version also requires you to register with System Mechanic. You will need to enter your email address to which your free version System Mechanic activation key will be sent.

System Mechanic has an intuitive user interface and this makes it easy-to-use.

A Quick Analysis of my system found problems in two areas, with one additional recommendation. It was all very good.

A Deep Scan is recommended every week to keep your PC running at its peak.


You can read more about its key features from here.



Free System Mechanic Download Link



TJ Exclusive Giveaway 36 – Free System Mechanic Download with Activation Key is popular for giving away Genuine software for free to its readers with sponsorships from the companies and others.

Till today, we have given away more than $20,200 or Rs 11,11,000 worth softwares to our readers and I thank you guys for loving and supporting us all the way.

Our Earlier Giveaways have been a great success.

We have previously had 1 System Mechanic Giveaway held here at Technojourney.


All you need to do is to share this giveaway on Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter. You can easily share it using our social media bar towards the left.

Next, Put a comment telling why you like System Mechanic along with your sharing links.


5 Best Comments will be given the System Mechanic Activation Key for Full version.


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OS Compatibility: System Mechanic is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 (32 and 64 bit).

System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 800 MHz or greater processor.
  • 256 MB RAM.
  • Minimum 30 MB free hard disk space.



  1. Neel
  2. Gurdeep Singh
  3. Nikhil Chandak
  4. Rohit
  5. sravya



Final Thoughts – System Mechanic Download with Activation Key

System Mechanic delivers results that are beyond your expectations.

It has consecutively won 3 PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice award. Now that speaks volumes about the abilities of this awesome software.


The full version offers quite a lot more than the free version, so if you like System Mechanic Free but need more tools, it’s certainly worth checking out. But the free version will be a welcome addition to many systems.

Thank you for celebrating the “Clean Your Computer Day” with us. Get the free System Mechanic free download with activation key and enjoy a crash free computer.


Overall, System Mechanic does a pretty decent job and cleans a lot of the clutter while solving many system problems to make the computer run faster.

What do you feel about System Mechanic? Pour in your thoughts in the comments section below.


76 Comments to FREE System Mechanic Download with Activation Key Giveaway

  1. The reason that I like it so much is that it is effecient and reasonably fast in taking care of your computer. Also because it is by a company that has been in business for a long time and has been found to be very trust worthy.

  2. jorge rosales

    System Mechanic its a excellent optimizer
    i have the free version but id like the pro version
    my pc its fast and clean, is the best program I’ve been I recommend,
    I hope to have a license thanks.

  3. System Mechanic is the most effective light application that can adapt your PC to best performance at fraction of $!

  4. One of the best of best giveaway from you nikil. first it was avg, then asc then idm, and now its system mechanic! its exciting to visit your page daily, peeking to all those excellent software giveaways. now i wish i would get a key from u for the first time from the sweeptakes. Thankyou Brother!

  5. System Mechanic is awesome. In time, I find that my PC become very slow. However, it is too troublesome to backup all my stuffs and reinstall the system. System Mechanic can help me by clearing all the rubbish, such as those registry values or application settings left after uninstalling softwares. After all, it can save my time and speed up my computer.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen if you have used this product earlier given by Technojourney, there is not much required to tell you. But those of you who have not used it, must try the free version even if you don’t get the key. It is simply wonderful. Just download and used the free version and wait for the luck to smile on you.

  7. Adriano Raffoul

    I really like this web site ,… always doing the best for everyone , and now is giving away a key for this SMD for free, … I really like this and for sure I will share this !

  8. Thanks for this giveaway…
    Sir, I have used free version gave me well comfort.
    i believe that SM’s interface & performance are better than Ashmpoo,toolwiz…etc.i have read about SM in some tech magazine & it consume lees memory than Iobit product.
    please count me in…

  9. The giveaway schemes are a great way to popularize the use of genuine licensed products among the average Indian computer users who falls prey to the trap of using cracked/ pirated stuff. Hope to get through the winners list this time as well. I have used trial versions of System mechanic in my older PC to cleanup junk files and optimize performance and found it to be a good software.

  10. Alain-Roch Ngantcha

    I am indeed grateful to you guys for availing such important software free of charge to prevent the use of illegal copies that in most cases destroys our PC.
    I am willing to promote your products free of charge on all my websites from this moment.
    Thank you for your social investment.


  11. thanks for the giveaway…
    this software is simply the best software i have ever seen in technojourney.
    my sincere thanks to nikhil.
    please count me in…

  12. Ankush Ganjre

    hi Nikhil Chakravarthi i am big fan of your work i really like & appreciate your work and that’s it. If you give me the key or not its your choice so…… and i have your 4 moth Quick heal total security and it work fine thanks for that i will grateful to you if you provide me the key
    thanks dude you rock………

  13. Gurdeep Singh

    “!T$ AWE$0ME & BE$TTTTT,,,,,,,……!!!!!

  14. i dont have account in social networking sites,since i am a school can i get the key for full version?
    please help me get the key nikhil?

  15. You know, I know well, what it is and a bit more. I just need it, because the previous license expired some time ago. I’m not going to talk about stupid stories and write them here. Thanks.

  16. Nikhil Chandak

    This software is really good for computer .It helps to :
    i)Fix & Speed Up Your PC Automatically
    ii)Patented performance technology
    iii)Fixes frustrating errors, crashes and freezes
    iv)Restores maximum speed, power and stability
    System Mechanic is an all-in-one PC tune-up utility software suite that analyzes, fixes, optimizes, and maintains Windows computer. System Mechanic is created by iolo technologies .
    Sorry , i don’t hv a LinkedIn account share ur post …
    But I have shared ur post on Facebook , Twitter and Google Plus !
    Hope I win , it will be great for me ……….
    But anyway , technojourney , thanks for the special giveaway and for the great article !!

  17. Last time I didn’t get the key. At least now I hope to get this key. Most of computer users are aware of this product is an ultimate system cleaning software. Nothing else to say more.

    KEEP IT UP !!!!!


    With the course of time the operating system becomes corrupted with the undesired left- over of the softwares which are already uninstalled, the Registry also gets bigger gor those left- overs. There are many things I can’t just handle alone. So, I need a helpful hand of such software which makes me relax and that is why I need this software very much. thank you Nikhil for such juicy giveaway.


    I really need this license key…have tried others but System Mechanic works best on my pc(free version),but want the full advantage of full version…please let me get a key!!!My pc and I beg you….

    It is really one of the best PC optimization and tuning software.It does what it says.The features i most like are Active Care and Program Accelerator.İt helps you to keep your PC always stable and new.Thanks for this awesome giveaway.Hope i win..Please count me in

  22. I’ve used it literally for ages, always among top few best softwares from its branch. Once you install it you do not have to worry anymore about “junk” on your PC.

    FREE System Mechanic Download with Activation Key Giveaway : TechnoJourney… via @technojourney— A. Ostraq (@Ostraq) February 12, 2013

    I’ve got no linked-in so PINTREST instead

  23. hello nikhil hru, this was a great give away, system mechanic was the best software i had never seen before, this software Boosts the Speed,Automatically accelerate PC startup, internet speed, program operation and gaming performance.etc.
    system mechanic software is really good for pc users, this helps to :
    Fix & Speed Up Your PC AutomaticalLY,
    Fixes errors, crashes and freezes,
    Restores maximum speed, power and stability…
    System Mechanic is an all in one PC tune-up utility software that analyzes, fixes, optimizes, and maintains VIRUS FREE pc. My special thanks to iolo technologies who created this excellent software suite.
    please give me the license key bro… thank you so much for your valuable information…, i commented and shared this with every one of my friends at facebook and twitter also…

    fb profile :
    twitter profile :
    google+ :

  24. nikhil bhaiya pls send me the license key.becouse i cannot afford money to buy this pls bhaiya mujhe send kijiye.

  25. vamsi krishna


  26. i have been using ASC and jetcclean softwares even tried thier serialed versions ,but they are not the thing they say .ASC had made my system lag and used my memory a lot and JetClean is just a name sake device .it is not half goood the company claim it to plz send me a serialed version of this software as some of my friends claim that its the best they used.So plz count me in


    Today(2-14-13)is not only my birthday,but my PCs 2nd birthday…this would really be a nice gift for it…hint,hint????

  28. Nikhil bro….I have shared it on fb,g+,twtr and more…..bro I m unlucky last time that u free give away..hope that u will not make me sad this time….thank..

  29. please give me one key. this is one of the best system utility tool. i used it’s earlier version. but my subscription expire.
    thank you technojourney

  30. Ricky Gallaher

    I used system mechanic pro for a year from a give-away I found online. After a few weeks, I had mastered it pretty well and found my computer running much faster.

    System Mechanic Pro really is one of the best softwares available.

    Now that my subscription has expired, I really miss it. And since retirement has limited what I can buy, I hope to win a free license.

    Thank you for your website and the opportunity.

    Ricky in Juneau, Alaska.

  31. Pradeep Nepali

    Thanks a lot for your effort to keep user’s computer healthy. Though i”m not a advanced computer user even though using system mechanic quite for a long time ago . And again want to download your software . Why generally computer users do not know about the software .Do they don’t know about the way to find out the latest software

  32. i really love this software….i’ve already tried system mechanic 11.7 from your sites. But i only able to unlock basic version of it…so please sir, help me to upgrade to full version …looking for your favourable respone..


  33. This is really effective and really manage your laptop or pc performance…i too want the activation key sir..please do consider me..

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