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▶ If you were looking for someway to get a free Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 license key or activation code, then you have rightly landed on the correct website.

▶ Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 is a comprehensive and powerful antivirus application that can defend your PC from various viruses, worms, rootkits, Trojans, malware and all other threats.

▶ Download the Setup file from here.

▶ Use this activation code to get 90 days license :

(This is a key from provided by Kaspersky itself and no magic from my side.)

UPDATE : IF This Key Doesn’t Work, Then Make Use Of The Kaspersky Pure 2.0 with 6 Months License Key offer Facebook offer here.

Please read the Note before using the above key.

A computer without antivirus is like a soldier without gun. Imagine what would happen to a soldier in the battlefield with no gun and ammo. Is he safe there? Can he even survive?

Similarly, one should never surf the Internet without having a good antivirus software installed on their computer.


One such good antivirus software I recommend to my readers is Kaspersky Antivirus 2013. Often referred to as KAV 2013, this application is just remarkable in its performance.


I have been using Kaspersky for straight 6 years and believe me, I have never faced a single problem.


Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 is not just a update to its predecessor KAV 2012, instead it comes with cutting-edge technology that makes it compatible with Microsoft’s brand new Windows 8.


For years, Kaspersky has set the standard for other virus detectors to match. It has one of the highest detection rates in the industry, consistently winning Virus Bulletin’s VB100% award for 100% detection of viruses.

Kaspersky Lab has given their new series of products a complete face-lift so as to make them more powerful, sophisticated and easy-to-use than ever.


Previously, I had shared Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 Beta with 90 days License Key or Activation Code which is not working now. Well, the key shared in this article has been tested on many computers and just works fine.

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Kaspersky Antivirus 2013

Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 is a comprehensive and powerful antivirus application that can defend your PC from various viruses, worms, rootkits, Trojans, malware and all other threats.

KAV 2013 inherits all the strengths of the previous version and adds increased speed and efficiency based on new technologies to its current version.


It is one of the most complete antivirus application that you can ever imagine. It makes use of the second-generation heuristic analysis principles to find even unknown threats.


The interface is pleasant and makes you believe that you are using an application that’s only focused on basic functions, although what’s hidden under the hood is loads of powerful tools.


Cloud is one of the core technologies in KAV 2013. The cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network gathers data from millions of participating users’ systems around the world to help defend you from the very latest viruses and malware attacks.

All the Potential threats are monitored and analyzed in real-time and dangerous actions are completely blocked before they can cause any harm.


Going a step further, Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 analyses and controls the actions of programs that have vulnerabilities present in it, so they can’t cause any harm.


Kaspersky Antivirus 203 is capable not only to discover and remove threats on your computer, but also to protect your email client, instant messengers and web traffic, regardless of the browser.


KAV 2013 provides a total of three scanning modes, depending on your needs:

  • Full Scan – to check the entire computer,
  • Vulnerability Scan – to look for system and app vulnerabilities that may allow for malicious attacks and
  • Critical Areas Scan – to verify the objects that are loaded with the operating system at startup.


Virus definition updates however are delivered to your computer in no time and you won’t even be bothered by this task.


There are also a bunch of other useful tools to lend you a hand and stay on the safe side, including the “Kaspersky Rescue Disk”, which is a bootable CD or USB flash drive to detect and remove infections with ease, a “Privacy Cleaner” tool, a “Browser Configuration” utility to make Internet Explorer a bit safer and “Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting” to check and optimize Windows security settings.


Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 is thus full of goodies.


We all know that Microsoft will be releasing its new version of the OS and thus Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 is fully compatible with its latest operating system – Windows 8.

In addition, Kaspersky Now – a new application that has been developed to support Microsoft’s new user interface that lets you monitor your PC’s security status and launch vital security features.


In the screen shot below you see that KAV 2013 is completely activated with 91 days license key. Please read the Note if you don’t get complete 91 days.



Enjoy the premium security on your Internet with Kaspersky Antivirus 2013.





This activation code works perfectly on new installations only and not on already installed KAV 2013.

That is, if you already have Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 installed on your computer, you need to uninstall it, download the new setup file from here , install it and then use the above mentioned activation code.

If you try to use this code on already existing Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 on your computer, you will get an error saying “Trial Expired”.

If you have have already used this key previously for KAV2012, then you will get just 30 days and not the 90 days.



Final Thoughts

Kaspersky Antivirus is one of the most acclaimed and widely recognized security software of the world.

It provides unique triple protection from all types of malware, known or otherwise, alongside the traditional signature-based method.


This kind of multi-tier defense is unparalleled anywhere in the world and of unequaled efficiency.


If you want the best virus protection for your computer then Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 is the product to look out for.

Just go for it.


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  1. Nikhil bhai i am not able to uninstall Kaspesky antivirus technical preview ..I have tried Kaspersky Uninstaller ,,i have deleted the regsitry keys ,,WHen I try to install KAS 2013 or tried the Online antivirus scan my PC it says u have already installed it…So plz provide me a solution to it..

  2. What exactly is the real key? If this is so it will be a surprise for everyone .Are you positive that the key will be blacklisted in the future? Another thing is that it can be used again and again? It’s a move that the matter was heard on any trial software can be used repeatedly. What is truth?

    Please reply to unagreeable .Thanks Technojourney

  3. It is a very good article . Hey Nikhil A lot of softwares that has not yet declared the winner !What could be the reason ?Make a list before you used to declare a winner but still ‘m late !

    • Hey Saif. All the article Winners have been declared. We currently have only 2 giveaways going on my friend – One is IDM 6.12 and the other is Windows 8 pro. Rest all winners have been declared and given their licenses or activation code.

  4. Nice antivirus software i am going to download it!!! Thanks nikhil for providing this antivirus software. Great work.

  5. hi nikhil anna kaspersky is good antivirus please giveaway the full licence key i am the fan of kaspersky&you so please try to giveaway soon

  6. Prasad kapuganti

    dear sir
    can you please suggest me a best antivirus, for free, for the server computer.
    Prasad kapuganti

  7. hey nikhil. i like your website much much and i am a fan of you. i am going to use this product. your efforts for giving us many free things especially internet securities realy good.

  8. plz sent activation key …. many anti vairus install in my pc but not satisfied. my fiend say kaspersky anti virus good !!!!. so plz sent

  9. praveen raju

    its good i a, using from last 2 years i will continuous this for ever. suggestion better to increase number of users 5 to 8

  10. hey nikhil,
    nice work….
    i have a small problem installing the software …..
    my C Drive is almost full and i would prefer to install kaspersky on to a different disk… but looks like kaspersky has forgotton to put the custom install fearture!!! :P … can u pls letme know of how to custom install it…

    Thanks in advance…expecting a response…

    • Hi awasay,

      Once you double click on the setup file,installer opens the installation screen. There, you will need to tick the checkbox present at the bottom of the screen which will allow you to do custom installation.

      Just take a clear look while installation. Hope it helps.

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