Free File Encryption And Decryption with File Secure

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Free File Encryption And Decryption with File Secure :

▶ Securing the precious files is something that is often overlooked by a few people because of that “it won’t happen to me” attitude.

But you never know! It could be you! Yes you!

▶ I advice you not to be that negligent with your data. You can make use of the free tools available to always keep your important files safe and secure.

▶ File Secure Free is comprehensive and reliable Windows application that is designed to easily backup, encrypt and shred files on your PC. Further, it also can lock your USB drives with a password.

▶ Its one of the best tool for free file encryption and decryption.


When it comes to computer security and protection, I make sure that I write the article with high priority. That is because I have been a victim once and further I don’t that to happen with my readers some day.


The first thing you should ever do on your personal computer is to protect your important files and data.

These days, where hacking and computer theft are common, you need to be more careful and wise than ever.

Free File Encryption And Decryption with File Secure


You don’t have to go far around the web to hear horror stories of users not taking the necessary precautions and living to regret it. Everyday, I respond to tens of people who have either got their computer hacked or have lost their laptop.

Getting your computer hacked or losing it means losing critical data which means the most to you. The hacker has access to all your data and when it is business critical, its game over!


Here on I have written about many such applications which are important for data security. But this software is unique and a must have.


Usually though, when you mention file backup, file encryption and file shredding, you would be looking at two or three different utilities to get the job done. But, File Secure Free alone handles all these with ease.



File Secure Free

File Secure Free is comprehensive and reliable Windows application that is designed to easily backup, encrypt and shred files on your PC. Further, it can also lock your USB drives with a password.


File Secure Free comprises of four major features namely file backup, file encryption, file shredder and USB locker.


The user-friendly and simple interface makes File Secure Free easy-to-use Windows tool. Both beginners and experts can handle this simple tool with ease.


File Secure Free is also very light on your system resources. It is only a couple of Mb and the installation is straightforward.


Turning it into portable application is not that difficult. All you need to do is to extract the installer with 7Zip and then simply delete $COMMONFILES and $PLUGINSDIR folders.



Using File Secure

As soon as you launch the application you will see a black-yellow themed interface. Feels very pleasant to the eyes.

The navigation bar is towards the left and has all the four features listed in there for easy navigation.

Free File Encryption And Decryption with File Secure



1>> Doing a file or folder backup.

Lets assume you want to do a file backup of a single file.

At first, you will need to click on “Add Files” and then click on the “Backup” button.


To do a backup of more than one file, you will need to put files into a folder and then click on “Add Folder” and then click “Backup”. The same way, you can also recover a file/folder with the “Recover” option.

Free File Encryption And Decryption with File Secure


One thing which you should notice here is that the backup file format has a .DFI file extension. This means that even if someone gets hold of your data, he will still need this program to open and restore before accessing it.



2>>  Doing File Encryption and Decryption

Well, this is what the article is all about. Doing of free file encryption and decryption.

File Secure Free uses the military grade AES encryption algorithm to encrypt your data with your own password.

You can use the tool to encrypt any format of the files, including documents, photos, images, programs, or even databases.

And you can encrypt both files and folders.


To encrypt a single file

Just click on “Add Files” to select your file and then click on “Encrypt” button; input a password of your choice to encrypt file.

For the folder, click on “Add Folder” button and select your folder, now click on the “Encrypt” button and input a password to encrypt it.

You can decrypt the file and folder the same way by choosing the file or folder you want to decrypt and then clicking the “Decrypt” button. You will need to enter the same password that you used while encrypting the respective file or folder.

An important tip I would like to give you here is that – Remember the password you used during encryption. It is better to write down somewhere if you have a higher tendency of forgetting it.

If you fail to remember,  you won’t be able to decrypt the files later.



3>> Deleting files and folders permanently

Even though we mostly use the delete button present on our keyboard to delete the unwanted files and folders present in our computer, they will still remain on our hard disk.

Hence, we need to use file shredder to permanently remove the files and folders from our computer.

To permanently delete/destroy an unwanted file or folder ,  click on “Add Files” or “Add Folder” to select your file or folder, then click on “Shred” button.

Nobody can ever recover such shredded files and folder.

Free File Encryption And Decryption with File Secure

The application can shred files using five different techniques, that is, Gutmann algorithm, Erase and write random data, National Safety Association Standard, United States Military Standard and North Atlantic Treaty Organization Standard, all of which can be selected from the drop down menu at the bottom. I recommend – United States Military Standard.



4>>Locking your USB and other external drives

Lastly, as stated earlier, the application can easily lock your flash and external drives with a password.

To lock USB drives or external drives, just plug-in your drive, choose the drive and click “Lock” to enter the password and lock the drive. To unlock certain drive, you need to enter its respective password, and then click “Unlock”.


It USB drive will be shown as Unformatted or Unreadable by the PC until you unlock it back.



Key Features

1>> Protect your files and folders with password.

  • The special algorithm File Secure Free uses is of military standard called  AES encryption algorithm. It is highly difficult for anyone to get access into the folder which is locked with password by this tool.
  • Any format files can be encrypted, no matter they are documents, photos, temporary files, programs or database.
  • Both folder and file can be password protected.
  • The encryption and decryption of  file and folder can be done in just a few clicks. This makes it the best tool for free file encryption and decryption.


2>>USB drive and external drives can be password protected too!

  • You can easily password lock most types of portable media like USB flash drives, thumb drives, memory sticks, external drives and more.
  • You can forget about the security of the USB with this awesome tool.
  • Without the password you have set, no one else can access the USB drive or any other external drives of yours.


3>> Permanently delete the files with File Shredder.

  • The files you delete on your computer still remain in the hard disk. This is because they are not physically removed. That’s the reason why you need a file shredder to delete the unwanted files permanently.
  • File Secure Free uses military-grade shredding algorithms to shred the files. It completely wipes deleted data using various shredding patterns so there is no trace of critical data left.


4>> Comprehensive file backup feature.

  • It is always safe to backup your personal data in a safe location, by creating a backup image file. The backup image file on File Secure Free has the .DFI file extension.
  • File Secure Free does both creating the backup image and recovering your data from the image file.
  • Really easy to use, just set what file you want to backup and the destination to store, then File Secure Free will do the rest for you.





Official Website Wikipedia Free File Encryption And Decryption with File Secure



OS Compatibility : File Secure Free is fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP (32 and 64 bit).

Installation : Installation of File Secure Free is simple and similar to installing any other Windows application.

System Requirements :
Processor: >750MHz Intel or AMD CPU X86(32bit) or X64(64bit)
Free Hard Disk Space: 100MB or more
RAM: 256MB or above



Last Words

There are many reasons why you would like your documents or files, or whatever you have on your comp to stay for your eyes only.


There’s plenty to like about File Secure Free. It is easy to use, reliable, has a nice interface and it’s free. As I mentioned earlier, it is one of the best tool for free file encryption and decryption.


Whether it’s financial, personal or just important to you, keeping your electronic data safe is essential these days. Download File Secure Free today and make the right move!


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