FREE Bad Piggies DOWNLOAD for Windows PC with Activation Key Code (Giveaway Relaunched)

In a nutshell

▶ We are giving away 10 Bad Piggies for Windows PC Activation Key along with downloads in this article.

▶ Bad Piggies is one of the best game Rovio has released till date.

▶ We all know that the pigs drool at the eggs. But we also know that they can’t fly.
So, you will have to help the pigs get to the eggs by creating them an ultimate flying machine.

▶ You can build the coolest flying machine using various objects like multi-stage soda bottle rockets, helicopters decked with helium balloons, motors, umbrella and more amusing things.

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▶ It’s an enjoyable game, especially once you have crossed a few levels and are familiar with the way things work. Every time my vehicle crashed into the wall, I was rolling on the floor laughing. God! It’s real fun.




Rovio, the people who created Angry Birds are back with a brand new game.

FREE Bad Piggies DOWNLOAD for Windows PC with Activation Key Code

And this time we have the naughty green pigs in the leading role, rightly, the game is named as Bad Piggies.


Bad Piggies takes the physics from Angry Birds and mashes it together with the simple concept of vehicle building. The outcome of this is an awesome gaming experience than anything Rovio has previously made.


The game has many things in common to the previous ones. Specially, one can notice the strong physics element used in the puzzles here. The scoring system involves getting one, two or three stars for each level depending on your skill.


What’s different, obviously, is that there isn’t a bird or slingshot in sight. Instead, each level involves propelling a pig from its starting point to a finishing line, collecting stars along the way.




Bad Piggies – Do Pigs Fly?


We all know how the pigs drool at the eggs. They just can’t stop themselves getting the eggs, even if it means going to war with the birds.


In this game, the greedy pigs are on an island and are after the eggs.

We all know that the pigs can’t fly. So, to reach the eggs, the pigs have to build things that will get them their.


Being a player, it is you who will have to help these smuggy pigs to reach the eggs by building ultimate flying machines using the resources available at your disposal.


With lots of green flora, the Bad Piggies will make you feel at home. I just loved the music in this game which complements the gameplay very well.




Download Bad Piggies for Windows PC




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The Coolest GamePlay

Bad Piggies aims to recreate the same magic as Angry Birds, though with a different kind of gameplay.


To reach the end of each stage you will have to construct a vehicle using many tools that are available to you. The construction of the vehicle is made simple with the drag and drop option.


Once the construction is done, the vehicles will move on their own according to where you place motors, rocket boosters and wheels.

While in motion, you will need to tap on the various icons to activate or deactivate them. For example, a level might require you to open an umbrella to slow a descent or activate soda bottle rockets to propel in high speeds and much more.


Don’t be worried about constructing complex flying machines. You will be easily able to do that as you’ll start the game by constructing simple boxes with wheels that just need to roll downhill.

As you move on with the game, you will use more objects to build complex machines. You will enjoy using multi-stage soda bottle rockets, helicopters decked with helium balloons and counterweights.


I must accept that Bad Piggies taught me the fundamentals of airplane design. I completely enjoyed myself playing this game.


It is more fun when you miscalculate and create unbalanced vehicles. Every time my vehicle crashed into the wall, I was rolling on the floor laughing. God! It’s real fun if you start loving this game.

Vehicles squeak and turn when you build something unstable. These little details do a lot to keep a smile plastered on your face while you play.


You must keep an eye on those greedy pigs expressions. They change their expression when things go awfully wrong. I purposefully used to crash my vehicles in order to see the change in pig’s expressions.


You should not give up as results can be random at times. Triggering a rocket just a split-second earlier can be the difference between epic success and epic failure.





1>> Double click on the .exe file to start the installation of Bad Piggies for Windows PC.

2>> Click “Next” to begin the installation process

3>> Click “Next” to accept the End User License agreement.

4>> Select location where you want the game installed. By default it would be the C drive.

5>> Click “Install” to begin the installation process.

6>> Your computer can show you a security prompt. Allow the installation by clicking “Yes”.

7>> Once the installation is finished you’re ready to start playing the game. Click “Finish” to complete the installation and launch the game.




OS Compatibility: Bad Piggies for Windows PC is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 & 64 bit).

System Requirements:

  • CPU 1.5
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • Minimum 200 MB free hard disk space.


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Hearty Congratulations to all the winners.

  • Dinesh Kumar
  • Rivera
  • Nguyen Anh Vu
  • Abdur Rehman
  • Yen Mit
  • Vivek Raj
  • Debashis Basu
  • Tom34
  • johan efendi
  • Bhishma Dewangan




Last Words

Bad Piggies definitely is the best game Rovio has released till date.


If you love playing casual games on your Smartphone or tablet, you will likely spend hours with Bad Piggies.

It’s an enjoyable game, especially once you have crossed a few levels and are familiar with the way things work. It’s awesome fun once you get the hold of things in the game.


Even though it is human tendency to enjoy destroying than building something, Bad Piggies will still keep your nerves holding to it.


Download Bad Piggies for Windows PC and experience all the fun.


I am sure you’ll be smiling ear-to-ear watching your creations come to life regardless of whether you succeed or fail.


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  1. Nguyen Anh Vu

    This game is awesome, I was watch trailer but I has no change to play because I sale my iPod Touch. I already buy 3 ver of Angry Bird in AppStore. I hope I will have full version of this game on my PC. n993/posts/49792539 6898127

  2. Debashis Basu

    I had used Angry Bird. Now I want to try Bad Piggies. If I am received this Giveaway, this will be my present to MY LITTLE DAUGHTER. Also I am trying TECHNOJOURNEY GIVEAWAY FOR THE FIRST TIME. Hope I will be LUCKY….

  3. Thanks for this Amazing Game Giveaway ! Excellent review ! Awesome game to play ! Please count me in the draw ! I hope to win one Genuine Lifetime License key ! Best Regards !

  4. Hello!
    The game Angry Birds is one of the favorite games of my son. Will be very wonderful if with your help I will be able to present him with another excellent game.

  5. this game s really anticipated by millions worldwide.i’am sure that rovio hasnt dissapointed anyone.cant wait to try the trials and guyz keep doing the fantastic job that you guyz are doing.may the best people get this.

  6. i simply have no words talking about the game. It builds your intelligence. Very good for mind growth. I want bad piggies download on my PC please.

  7. angry birds was huge fiesta by rovio and i cldnt finish hoping that i or anyothers worthy might get a liscence.keep doing the fantastic job guyz really us a lot

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    this giveaway for bad piggies free download is great. I want to play on Windows.

    I love the pigs. Please count me in.

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    I am first time participating in ur giveaway ….
    I got to know that this game is also interesting as the other versions of Angry Birds . I hope the god is with me & I win the competition

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  11. I have played the demo version and would really like to try my luck at the full version, had alot of fun playing.

    • Farhan Rahaman

      This is a really awesome and addicting game.It helps use our brain to the full. Thank you Nikhil… However, how can we get get the full version???

  12. can you people tell me what the activation key code is in bad piggies is please because i just worked hard to download this cool and popular game named bad piggies please can you tell me please please can you help me please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………….

  13. can you please tell me the activation cde for bad piggies beacuse ths game is one of the games that i had played that stimulated my creativity, please thanks…

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