How to fix Corrupt or Broken AVI Video files on Windows?

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▶ If you’re looking for ways to repair a broken AVI file, then this article is definitely for you. At the end of this article, you will know to fix Corrupt or Broken AVI Video files on Windows.

▶ How many times after downloading an AVI video from the Internet you have not got this message saying – “Corrupt file, cannot open” ?

▶ Now, you definitely don’t want to be downloading the whole file again, right! What if it turns out to be corrupt even the second time?

▶ To fix all such problems of an AVI file, we have an awesome utility called DivFix++.

▶ DivFix++ is a special utility designed to repair broken AVI videos and also preview partially-downloaded movies.


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How to fix Corrupt or Broken AVI files on Windows

We’ve all had it happen. After long waiting periods, you have the AVI video downloaded to your PC from the Internet. And with all joy and curiosity to watch the video, you click on the AVI file only to get an error – “Your AVI file is corrupted, cannot open the file”.

I know what you shout next! Let me not tell it here.


Regardless of having all the necessary codecs installed on your PC, the AVI files may sometimes refuse to play because of a small corruption in it. The corruption can be in the index header or due to bad frames.


Now, you definitely don’t want to be downloading the whole file again! What if it turns out to be corrupt even this time?

So, to go about this problem, we have a super cool utility. A utility that can fix Corrupt or Broken AVI video files on Windows, Mac and even Linux – DivFix++. What’s more important is, it works!!


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DivFix++ – Fix Corrupt or Broken AVI video files on Windows

DivFix++ is a special utility designed to repair broken AVI videos and also preview partially-downloaded movies.

These two features come in very handy if you are someone who often download videos from torrents or other websites. Some files may not download properly and so they would need repairing. Or, you may simply want to make sure that the file name corresponds to the actual content – which you can check with the preview tool.


There is nothing to install here. Just download the ZIP file, extract it and run the DivFix++.exe to get started, as simple as that!



DivFix++ comes with an intuitive user interface that boasts just a few options. This makes both beginners and professional users use the application with ease. DivFix++’s main window holds all the features, which means you can easily add new files and start repairing them using the buttons at the bottom of the window.

As I said earlier, DivFix++ is very easy to use. Just open the file you want to work with (or just drag and drop it onto the program’s interface) and you’re ready to go.

What amazes me about DivFix++ is its ability to take multiple files instead of just one. So, with just a click, you can fix as many number of files you want.



Once the files are fixed, by default, it will save the new files in the same location as the old ones. However, that can be easily changed. Just uncheck the “Relative Output Folder and File” in the top left, and click the folder icon to browse for a new location for the fixed files.

If you want to check for errors prior to running the Fix, you can do so by clicking on “Check Errors” at the bottom and you will see them in the log window towards right.


DivFix++ hardly takes a minute to fix Corrupt or Broken AVI video files on Windows. Yes, it’s blazing fast.

If you are looking for some more documentation on its usage, this link – DivFix++ Usage – should help you.


On the downside, DivFix++ doesn’t feature a proper configuration menu. It only includes the option to use a default media player and a drop-down menu where you can choose the program’s language.






OS Compatibility: DivFix++ is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 and 64 bit).

System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 800 MHz or greater processor.
  • 256 MB RAM.
  • Minimum 300 MB free hard disk space.




Final Thoughts

Regardless if you’re trying to view a clip that has corrupt or absolutely no Index or even if you just attempting to preview a video that’s currently downloading, DivFix++ lends you a helping hand by providing you with not only a dedicated tool to fix the problems, but also to cut out the bad parts and recover the content from key frames.

All in all, DivFix++ is a very handy tool that’s not only free, but also very effective.

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  1. Thanks, Nikhil, for one more piece of information. Though I have not used it myself, this should be helpful. I have downloaded the zip file repairer and hope it helps me with repairing pdf files, which I sometimes have problems with.

  2. sandivya sreshta

    thanks for your information bro.. bro. i downloaded the movies from websites which are in zip file format , when i am trying to open it ,that is asking to complete the surveys to get the passoword to open the zip files, we cant do the surveys and they are not working ,wasting of time and so please tell me there is any other way to open the zip files which are protected with passwords …and no need to fill any forms also…tell me the tricks to open the zip files which are protected…

  3. I lost count the number of times I downloaded corrupted files and wasting so much time… I tried a app called ‘file repair’ to fix these files but it didn’t work. Hope this one works..

  4. Ngan Tengyuen

    I do not have a broken avi video with me, just wondering if uploading a corrupt avi video to youtube, will youtube automatically fix it? since it comes with many other fixing tools…

  5. Cathleen Potts

    If you frequently free download videos from video sharing platforms like Youtube, Megavideo and the likes and from P2P networks, you might have experienced improper downloads, often requiring repairs to the downloaded video files. Though you can download Youtube videos as MP4 , HD Videos and in other file formats, AVI is a more popular and basic video format in which downloads are usually made. If you happen to download videos as AVI files and they experience some corruption, DivFix will let you repair and fix the AVI files. You can even preview the partially downloaded AVI video file. This is extremely useful to ensure that you are downloading the appropriate file.

  6. Hi friend,
    The tool which you have mentioned above sounds good, but few months back when my ZIP file gets corrupt while downloading. I was very upset, I lose all my hopes. But when I discussed this issue with my cousin, he suggests me to try Zip repair tool. Surprisingly with the help of this tool I was able to fix my ZIP files. Here is provide the link of this tool, it will useful for the person who is facing the problem of ZIP file corruption.
    View software site:

  7. kevinbadpit

    Excellent article as it come to help me to fix AVI video file error. Let me know is this software works to fix XviD and DivX video file error.

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