Free DOWNLOAD Company of Heroes 2 with Beta Key Code

In a nutshell

▶ As a promotional offer from Relic in association with Sega, you can free download Company of Heroes 2 with beta key code.

▶ Company of Heroes 2 is a sequel to one of the most-awarded and critically acclaimed 2006 game – Company of Heroes. It is one of the much awaited games of 2013.

▶ All you have to do is to like the game’s Facebook page and get the closed beta key code.

▶ Next, download and install Steam, enter the beta key you got from Facebook in it and then download the game.

▶ For detailed steps, check out the second section below.

▶ Limited period offer, so make the most of it before the offer expires.

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Company of Heroes 2 is a Sequel to an Award-Winning Game

free download Company of Heroes 2

We all love playing games on PC. Some of you would have bought a computer to just play games on it. I was one such kid who forced my dad to get me a PC to only play games on it when I was in high school.

But today, the trend has changed. Most of us have been addicted to playing games on smart phones and tablets. However, some of the best games ever made can only be thoroughly enjoyed on a PC. Agree?

Hope, you have noticed a few games which we have shared on Technojourney earlier like 20 Awesome Excel Games To Play at Workplace, Fruit Ninja for PC Free Download, FREE Temple Run 2 for PC Download and Five BEST First-Person Shooter Games For PC.

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Today, in this article, I have some great news for gamers who love free stuff. And that is, free download Company of Heroes 2 with beta key code.

Company of Heroes 2 is no normal PC game, it’s a sequel to one of the most-awarded and critically acclaimed 2006 game – Company of Heroes. Frankly, it is one of the much awaited games of 2013.

Developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega for PC, the game will be set in a World War II scenario.  This game has made use of the advanced game engine to give players some of the best gaming experience ever.


Anyone who would want to free download Company of Heroes 2 with beat key will have to like the game’s Facebook page and get the closed beta key code. This beta key code can then be used to download the game via Steam.

Company of Heroes 2 would cost you $59.95 if you brought it online.

Watch this awesome video to get a good idea of the game.



Free Download Company of Heroes 2 with Beta Key Code

Even before I talk about the gameplay, I will let you know how to free download Company of Heroes 2 with beta key code.


1. At first, you will have to visit the Company of Heroes 2’s Facebook Promo Page here:

2. Next, Like the Page. The app will ask you for a few permissions which you should allow.

3. You will now be shown your secret beta key code as in the image below. Copy it to a notepad or Word document and make sure you don’t lose the key code.

free download Company of Heroes 2 with beta key code

4. Now, download and install Steam from here.

5. Once Steam is installed on your computer, open your Steam library, at the top of the screen you need to click on “Games” and then choose  “Activate a Product on Steam”.

6. Next, follow the simple steps to insert your beta key code and download the Company of Heroes 2 game to your PC.


So, now you have freely downloaded Company of Heroes 2 to your PC using the beta key code. All you need to do now is have fun playing game.

The beta version of the game allows you to access 6 maps, multiplayer gameplay, the first 40 levels of progression of the game and the ability to customize your play style using the new Army Customizer.



Gameplay of Company of Heroes 2

In the game, the Soviet Red Army is the new group that will take player on various stages of the Eastern Front campaign.

As I said earlier, this game is built on Relic’s exclusive Essence 3.0 game engine which gives users a realistic war experience. As you play, you will know how realistic the game has turned out to be.

Weather conditions will play a key role in the game. This is because many Eastern Front battles occurred in winter and thus players will have to face all those consequences which the World War II soldiers had to face in reality .

On the technical front, the game takes advantage of DirectX 11 or even DirectX 9. The game will also use Valve’s Steamworks technology.



System Requirements

I always advise you to check the System Requirements section if available before downloading any game/software.

Many times, I have seen my readers complaining not able to install the game or software. That is because, most of the times their PC would not have necessary System Requirements to play the game or run the software.

This was very evident when I posted – How to install BlueStacks on your Windows PC? A Step-by-Step Guide. BlueStacks requires a very high system configuration and hence it is difficult to install it on most of the computers.

The same applies to Company of Heroes 2. It requires a high configuration computer.

  • OS: Windows 7 or Windows Vista (32bit)
  • Processor: 2Ghz Intel Core2 Duo or Equivalent
  • Memory: 2GB RAM or Higher
  • Hard Disk Space: 20GB or Higher
  • Video Card: Minimum 256MB Direct3D 10 capable video card (GeForce 8800 or RadeonHD 2900)

And of course, you will need an Internet Connection.



Final Thoughts

Hope, with this article will bring smiles for a lot of gamers who love war games.

Just free download Company of Heroes 2 with beta key and enjoy playing without spending a penny.

This is a limited period offer so make the best of it when it’s available.

What is your opinion about this cool game? Let me know from the comments section below.


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  1. I hope I will win. My name is Sam Helou. I have liked you on
    I have liked you also on and have liked you on google plus: Sammy helou.

  2. Purshotham

    hey bro what does this beta code mean. and up to how many days will the giveaway be available?

    • Beta Code Key is a unique code that is necessary to download the beta version of Company of Heroes 2 game to your PC. Without that, you cant download the game.
      Once you have downloaded the game to your PC, you can play 40 levels in 6 different maps.
      The giveaway may be till June 25th when the game will be made public.

  3. Thank you DUDE, …….. I have been waiting for a freebie. My mother works hard and she always buys stuff second hand when possible. She never has any fun. She always supports the church and works like all the time. I am proud of her. I am glad for this offer so that she does not have to spend a penny. Thank you to all of you who made it possible. Looking forward to this download to complete. Very grateful!

  4. Hi there again. I am very grateful and now finally got the whole download. However, I am running into a problem.

    RelicCoH2 8752_2013_Apr_16_10-47-34 stopped working.

    file name: RelicCoH2.exe
    cannot locate procedure entry point: dxgi.dll!CreateDXGIFactory1

  5. dear Nikhil I can’t run says an internal error 2503.what I do? I am using windows 8 pro 64 bit version.

  6. Jesus Christ! Thank you for the opportunity to play this game. I like it because it showed what my father may have been through in his Vietnam war. Although he never got into a fight because his choice was peace, he is my hero because he brought my mother into USA. I was still a little kid when my father flew my mother and me over in a helicopter. I never knew my father much except he was a veteran who is a harsh and strict man. This game has made me realise that my parents worked through some tough times. God, Jesus Christ, I pray I am able to help them retire by a miracle somehow. They are at the retirement age and deserve it. I hope I make them proud by playing this game and learning from it.

  7. It is a war game so if you do not like war then do not download it. Otherwise it is very good graphics. Game play is very tough to get used to. Check your system to make sure it can handle the game.

      • Thank you Nikhil Chakravarthi! hehe It is nice to have as a collection. I just wished I had the physical disc version of it as a collector’s edition. I got kicked off from the SEGA forum because I kept saying it needed to be toned down and more family oriented for the church people. I guess I can get a little over religious. I pray every day so most people do not get to hear anything except me talk about Jesus Christ this and God that. hehe I was looking at the BestBuy website and it seems they are coming out with it on June 25 2013 CST. I do not know what the full version is and that is fine since I am poor. Besides, my mother would yell at me if she knew I play war games. She is Catholic and my father would want me to keep the peace at all times. So this morning I went on and played an easy game with the computer. I was a sitting duck. hehe I just sat there defenseless. It was fun learning though. I am a book worm so to speak so I like to just observe. Getting into the battle is just too real for me.

  8. bhanu pratap

    wow really good game .and it is working key much much thanks about the keys .will this games hd release with directx 11 is also available . good work bro.

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