25 Best Android Games for PC Free Download

▶ Don’t have an Android phone at home? Don’t worry. You can now get the best Android games for PC free download.

▶ I have listed 25 different games from various genres.

▶ You should definitely make some time to go through each game and choose those you want to play.

▶ Please know that these games might not work on some PC’s due to system compatibility issues.

▶ Hope you enjoy playing these awesome Android games on your PC.



No Android Phone? No Worries! Now Play Android Games on PC!

If you ever felt like playing those nice little Android games on your PC, then this article is just for you.

Many of you like me might enjoy playing games on PC rather than your Android Smartphone. The fun of playing a game on big screen is different than that you experience on the phone.

Some of you might not have an Android phone and just have a PC at home. So if you didn’t have a chance to explore Android games, then here is your chance.

Now without wasting much time, lets take a look some of the best android games which you can download and enjoy on your PC.

So, are you ready for the best Android games for PC free download? Let’s get started then!

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Best Android Games for PC Free Download

Let’s take a look at few cool Android games which you will love to play on your Windows PC.


1. Drag Racing

best Android games for PC free download

This game has a user rating of 4.5 on Google Play Store. In fact, NY Times ranked Drag Race among one of the 10 best Android games of 2011.

The game has more than 50 super cool cars like the iconic Skyline GT-R, classic 69′ Mustang, brand new BMW M3 and more.

This is a very addictive game and I am sure most of you will like racing.



2. Farm Invasion

farm invasion for pc free download

Farm invasion is a nice little game where Aliens try and attack the farm.

All that aliens want is the corn you have grown. And hence, you will need to defend your fields by killing the aliens.

Those of you who played Farm Villa on Facebook will certainly enjoy playing this game. The game has a rating of 4.7 from the users.



3. Bunny Shooter

bunny shooter free download for PC

As soon as you read the title of the game did “Bugs Bunny” come to your mind?

Well, these are not good Bunnies, they are bad. They have stolen your prize-award carrots and have ruined your plantations. So, grab your weapon and get ready to fight these pink creatures.

Bunny Shooter has some remarkable real-time puzzles and detailed graphics.



4. Guns n’Glory WW2

guns n glory free download for PC

People like this game like crazy. Guns n’Glory WW2  is a successor of popular and award-winning game Guns n’Glory (dowload link).

The game will be set up in a World War II scenario where you will have to crush the enemies with all the firepower you have.

The game has all that you would ever wanted in a thrilling war game. So grab your bazookas and get ready to earn your glory!



5. Slice It

best Android games for PC free download

We as human beings like slicing anything for that matter.

This game is all about slicing but not just randomly, instead into equal halves.

It may sound easy, but there are more than 200 brain teasing puzzles that you would have never experienced before.



6. Aporkalypse

Aporkalypse for pc download

Now, did you notice this name of the game properly? A pork (pig) inside an Apocalypse makes Aporkalypse.

This game has an interesting game play. Here you have 4 heroes who want to rescue the world from ending.

When I said heroes, did you start imagining Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Wills and Jason Statham. No! The heroes here are all pigs.

Can you rescue the world from ending using these pigs? You should try it then!



7. Clouds and Sheep

sheep and cloud pc download free

If you liked the “Ba Ba Black Ship” rhyme when you were in school, then you may as well like this game.

Clouds and Sheep is a game where you have to care for cute and lovable sheep.

You can feed, play and even help them create offsprings.

The gameplay might sound a bitty funny and childish, but as a matter of fact, thousands of adults are addicted to this game. You may want to try it once!



8. Tower Defense

tower defense download for pc

What happens if you no longer get the necessary resources to live on Earth? We try searching for them outside the Earth. Right?

Now that is what is the story line of this game.

You will be sent to a different planet where you will have to take command of towers and hold you defense against incoming enemies.



9. SuperDynamite Fishing

fight fish

The name says it all.  Fishing using the dynamites. Now that’s crazy!

Grab all the dangerous weapons and get ready for some craziest fishing experience of your life.

This is a completely funny game. It will come in handy while standing in the queue, waiting for someone, during travelling and more such situations.



10. Drag Racing Bike Edition

drag racing bikes

This is similar to Drag Racing (the first game you saw) in this list of best Android games for PC free download.

There are more than 17 awesome bikes to choose from. If you are more interested in bikes than cars, then this game is just apt for you.

Now, enjoy some exciting races with a realistic experience and amazing graphics.



11. Defender II

best Android games for PC free download

The users have given the Defender II a 4.6 rating.

In this game, you will have to defend your castle from a wave of monsters that are trying to attack and destroy it.

The game has some good graphics which will enrich your gaming experience.



12. Fruit Slice

fruit slice

This game is similar to Fruit Ninja, but has a better rating than it.

You will have to slice the fruits as and when they pop up on the screen.

I am sure you will enjoy playing this game.



13. Townsmen 6

townsmen 6 for

Have you ever heard about French revolution?

If not, then why not take part in it now?

At first, you will need to construct buildings, farms, and more such amenities. You can then catch fish, harvest fields, get water and do more such things to expand your influence in the town.

Next, lead the march towards Paris in order to overturn the king.

RPG lovers will love playing such games.



14. Oven Break

ovenbreak for pc downnload

This game has a super cool hero called Gingerbread Man.

A witch is trying to bake him up. All you have to do is to help this guy escape

Once you start running, you just can’t stop him!



15. Fishing Diary

fishing dairy for pc

If you love playing with the fishes or collecting them then you are sure to like this game.

You have wide variety of fishes to catch.

You will have to use different techniques and weapons to catch different kinds of fishes accordingly.

Once you have caught them, you can keep the record of your daily fishing in a dairy.

Now drop your bait and wait for the fish.



16. Dinosaur War

dinosaur war pc free download

Men and dinosaur are friends. That is totally opposite to what we saw in the movie “Jurassic Park”. Right?

Well, in this game, the dark forces have taken over the Earth and now men will have to unite with dinosaur to banish the evil of the Earth.

There are a variety of dinosaurs. You also have numerous weapons that you can use to fight the evil.



17. Mini Game Paradise

best Android games for PC free download

MiniGame Paradise has a total of 10 games present in it.

Some games are deceptively comprehensive and could almost be considered full games on their own.

At first, you only have two of the simplest games unlocked with enough stars to unlock the third one.

I would recommend you to unlock ‘Smack a Whack’ (Beat’em up) and ‘Spatter Scatter’ as I found them most enjoyable.



18. Kids Animals Lite

kids animals

This game is completely for kids. If you have small kids at home, then you must and should download this game.

The game has various animals with HD graphics and vivid animal sounds.

If you want to impress your little ones, then there is no better game then this! They will surely get to know a lot of animals!



19. Tap Ranch

tap ranch

Tap Ranch is similar to Farm Villa.

You can grow crops, raise animals and later produce cheese, wine and more.

There are over 22 varieties of crops and 70+buildings you can make use of while playing the game.



20. Cloudy


In this game, you will have to navigate a paper plane to its final destination collecting all the stars along the way.

To do so, you must plan your path beforehand.

An interesting brain game for everyone.



21. Fruit Ninja

best Android games for PC free download

Now this game needs no introduction.

I had written a complete article for this game.

You can check that out here.



22. Impossible Quest


Impossible Quest is a real mind bender.

Some of the users playing this game have found it to be very difficult to cross after level 30.

If you like taking tough challenges, you should definitely try this one.



23. Traffic Control

traffic control

As the title says, you will play the role of a traffic controller in this game.

All you have to do is to guide the cars to the right lane to securely reach the destination.

The game has some great audio and graphics with many themes.



24. Beer Shooter

beer gun

This game sounds crazy, but that is how it is.

You will have a high-pressure gun filled with beer.

All you need to do is directly fill the the mouths of your guest with Beer. Oops! Damn crazy game right!

You may want to try this crazy game once.



25. Talking Tom Cat

talking tom

This is not exactly a game but definitely a great entertainer.

Anyone would fall in love with Talking Tom Cat the very first time they talk to him.

Make sure you have a Mic on your desktop PC. If you have a laptop, you need not worry as laptops already have a built-in mic in them.

Taking Tom Cat will repeat what ever you say in which ever language you speak. You will love it for its funny voice.



Last Thoughts

Hope you enjoy playing all these Android games on your PC.

One last thing – Some of the games here might not work on a few computers because of the system compatibility issues. Unfortunately, you can do nothing about that.

Which all games did you play? How many of them did you like?

Let me know them from the comments section.


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