30 Awesome Microsoft Excel Games To Play at Your School, College or Workplace Secretly


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

So, to make you play games at your office or school/college whenever you feel bored, I have come up with a list of 30 super cool Microsoft Excel games.

You can play these games wherever you are, but its ideal for Office-goers as your boss will always feel that you are working and not playing on Excel. The same with the Students too. Your teacher might never get to know!

Just download these Excel files and have some great time playing.

Not just new games, there are some old games that will bring back your old memories. Enjoy!


Who said Excel is Boring?

We all know that Microsoft Excel is used for data gathering, analysis and making few financial decisions.

But did you guys know that we can even play some cool games on it?

This article will be specially helpful to people working in IT companies like me or to any others who want to relax a bit after long hours of work.


Thanks to the Excel spreadsheets, you can now play your favorite games without installing any software on your computer.

To play these games, all you need to have is just Microsoft Office Excel installed on your computer.

Any version of Excel will do as these games are compatible with all of them.


How to Play?

Just download the Excel file and you’re done!

Not to forget that you should have a Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. (It would be there on 99% of computers these days!)


The games are embedded flash files so you will need to enable Macros.

If you find difficulty in enabling macros, just check your Microsoft Office version i.e whether it is 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013. There is a detailed guide on enabling Macros at the end of this article.

Remember: Never “SAVE” the file before exciting. Else, you will lose the game and you will have to download a new copy of game again.


Here is the Big List of Games..

1. Bowling

“Bowlers never die, they end up in the gutter.” is a famous quote.1

If you are someone who likes bowling then you may as well get FIRED from your company the moment you start playing this game (it’s that addictive).

It gives you a realistic feeling of playing the game and you are sure to enjoy it.

Even the first timers will start loving this game as they play.

Don’t blame me if you spend your whole day playing.



2. Cricket

Ask someone – Which is the national game of India?2 cricket

They immediately say “Cricket”. While cricket is not the national game of India, it surely is the one religion that India follows.

Cricket is also popular in many countries like Britain, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia etc.

So, if you are someone who says – “Cricket is my birth right and I shall have it”. Then please, this game is all ours.

The game quality is quite good and will certainly not bore you.



3. Angry Birds

One of the worlds most popular game for iOS and Android is now available unnamed
right in your Microsoft Excel.

Just enjoy throwing birds at pigs.

It is an adaptation of the original game developed by Rovio, where some evil pigs have kidnapped the eggs of the nesting birds and a group of birds will go to the rescue.

Now you will not need an iPhone, iPad or Android phone to play this popular game.

All you need is just Excel!

Angry Birds


4. Counter Force

No, it’s not exactly like Counter-Strike, but some what similar to it.3 counter force

For those of you who always wanted to play Counter-Strike in the office/college, but never got a chance to do so may appreciate this game to a certain extent.

The game quality is good and you certainly feel it while playing.

It has many rounds with different maps.

In each round, you will have to eliminate maximum number of terrorists. (Please do it, kill them all, save the country!)

Jokes apart, this game will test your aim & shooting skills. So, check out how good your skills are right away!

Counter Force


5. Super Car Racing

Press the pedal and feel the speed and excitement of the road right from the 5 car
comfort of your office/school.

Super Car Racing is an exciting game to play and you will surely appreciate the car’s 3D-look.

There are a variety of tracks which will unlock as the game progresses.

My favourite track is dirt. Let me know the one you liked from the comments section below.

Also, watch out for steep curves! Else, you will never make it to the finish line.

Super Car Racing


6. Chess

‘A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at 6 chess
kick boxing’ – said Emo Philips

While you may not enjoy kick boxing with your comp, you will surely enjoy defeating it in a game of chess, don’t you?

I have been through that feeling! It is a pure pleasure to defeat the computer.

The game quality is high and is sure to impress you.

For chess lovers, here you go.



7. Sudoku

Don’t want your brain to rust? Then, play Sudoku!7 sudoku

Some of the recent researches conducted claim that playing Sudoku improved memory and analytical thinking of people.

In Sudoku, you will have to complete a grid of 9×9 cells, which in turn is divided into 3×3 subgrids.

You must fill all the boxes without repeating any number in the same row, column or subgrid.

The world is giant Sudoku puzzles that hasn’t been put together yet, and were trying to find the other numbers of this puzzle.

Sudoku is a game of patience, memory and logic played by millions of people around the world. Try it, you may as well fall in love with it.



8. Super Mario

We can never forget our old friend Mario.8 super mario

He races through the Mushroom Kingdom, survives the main antagonist Bowser′s forces and ultimately saves the princess.

For over 20 years, Super Mario Bros. was the best-selling video game of all time and has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.

And now, we have it on Excel.

If you were fascinated by this game in your school days, I feel you will have many beautiful memories to recall while you play it again.

Super Mario


9. Fruit Slasher

This is an alternative of the famous mobile game Fruit Ninja available for both iOS and Android.9 slasher

With the same theme and gameplay of Fruit Ninja, to win in the Fruit Slasher you must show some quick reflexes and skills so as to cut the fruits that appear on the screen.

You will have to press and hold the left mouse button and then slice the fruit.

You are not supposed to miss a fruit or kill that cute animal which pops in between fruits.

An interesting game to play after some hectic work.

Fruit Slasher


10. Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio was made after the huge success of Angry Birds.10 angry-birds-rio

While utilizing the same basic gameplay as the original game, Angry Birds Rio added a number of new elements.

The players use a slingshot to launch birds at nearby structures, with the intent of hitting targets located on or within them.

Instead of evil pigs that have stolen eggs, players must now rescue caged exotic birds or defeat evil marmosets, depending on the level being played.

Another addictive game that will surely get you FIRED! Try it.

Angry Birds Rio


11. Mortal Combat

Being one of the classic fighting games of the 90´s, Mortal Kombat had created a revolution11 mortal combat
in the field of gaming.

Today, the Mortal Kombat saga is still alive, after several movies, games and animated series.

All you need to do is select the warrior that you like from 5 different characters that are available and win over the opponent with various moves of your fighter.

Play this is deadly combat tournament to have some fun.

Mortal Combat


12. Mini Pool

Pool is also known as pocket billiards or pool billiards.12 pool

Your objective in the game is to clear the table before the time expires.

Time is calculated by number of balls multiplied by 10 seconds.

So, you have to be quick and try for the maximum.

Most of the IT guys love playing this game. Play it to find out why they like it!

Mini Pool


13. Mini Golf

As a club and hit the ball into the hole using the least number of strokes. 13 golf
That’s Golf for you.

Usually played by big business tycoons, Golf is one of the few ball games that do not require a standardized playing area.

If you have not tried it before, you must definitely try playing this game here.

It is fun and a subtle experience.

Mini Golf


14. Chopper Challenge

It is a typical flying game which you should definitely download if you like flying.14 copter

Here you have to guide the helicopter trough a cave, where there are several obstacles.

The mission is to avoid crash against anything and move on while keeping an eye on the fuel.

This game is some what similar to the infamous ‘Flappy Bird’ game.

The game is sure to test your patience and helicopter maneuvering skills.

Chopper Challenge


15. Knife Throw

May be you would have watched this on the television.15 knife

A guy throws knives at a rotating wheel to which a girl is tied.

The guy has to carefully throw the knives failing which would hit the girl and might even kill her.

Well, here is your chance today, hit the target spots on the wheel without hurting the lady.

The game tests some of your physics skills as well.

Knife Throw



Enabling Macros on different versions of Microsoft Excel

For 2003

Go to Tools > Options.

Go to Security Tab.

Click on “Macro Security…

Select “Medium: You can choose…” and click OK.

Close your Excel and re-launch your Excel application.

If you did it correctly, you will be prompt to choose whether to enable the macro or not. Click Enable Macros.


For 2007

Click on the Office button on the top left corner of the application. Then click on the Excel Options (You can find this near Exit Excel at the bottom).

Click Trust Center, click Trust Center Settings, and then click Macro Settings. There Enable Macros.


If the Developer tab is not available, click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Excel Options. Click Popular, and then select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box.


For 2010

When you open the Excel game file, the yellow Message Bar appears with a shield icon and the Enable Content button.

On the Message Bar, click Enable Content. And you can start playing.


For 2013

It is similar to Excel 2010. You will see a yellow Message Bar with a button saying Enable Content.

Just click on it and start playing.


Last Thoughts

Now that you have seen the other face of Excel, do you love it more than ever?

If so, then please do share this article with other colleagues and friends and spread the love.

And again, remember – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Don’t always work, do play and relax at times.

What do you have to say about these Excel games? Let me know them from the comments section below.


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  1. Well, many many thanks for sharing such great games with us.
    The fun fact is those all are in Excel

  2. Most are not Excel Games, they are Flash Games…
    But great Excel Games programmed in Excel using VBA can be found in:

  3. Hi Guys,

    The website fortinet.com/just s..s in my office blocking all internet website, am unable to relax with any sort of small flash games or excel games. Can anyone help me to find a game excaping from the above mentioned security website.

    • Hey Maddy, try Google translate. Just Google to know how you can use Google translate to view any blocked content. You can also download the game at home, attach the excel file to your email and send it to yourself. While in the office download the excel file and play. Atleast excel files will be allowed I guess.

  4. Jayesh Deokar

    I’m a big fan of angry birds. I used to play the game on my cousin’s samsung mobile. I’m glad that now I can play the game on my pc too. Thanks a lot!

  5. Hi nikhil we dont have ms excel in our office we use only open office calc but these games are not playing in calc kindly suggest how to play in calc..

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  8. I am enjoying these games from a long time. excel games can be played in college office and anywhere. awesome man

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