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▶ We are giving away Serial Keys or License Codes of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 with Free Download exclusively to our readers. This is a limited period giveaway.

▶ Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is a security cum optimization suite that includes just about every tool you’ll ever need to keep your PC running at its best with comprehensive security.

▶ It is normally priced at $49.99.

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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 FREE Download with Serial Key

Maintaining a PC can be a headache at times. Failing to take good care of it will result in system crash and completely slow performance which none of us would like.


To ease the things for you, IObit has always been releasing innovative products from their stable. And this time they have come up with a brand new product called –  IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6.


Being one of the world’s leading system utility software provider, IObit has been relentless listening to the user feedbacks for making better products in this ever evolving world of technology.


Their most recent product in the Advanced SystemCare family features a sleek interface for a more perceptive user experience while integrating anti-virus and system optimization tools into one solution.


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 accomplishes this by incorporating anti-virus technology provided by one of the World’s best security software provider BitDefender. Yes, IObit uses this antivirus along with their custom-built IObit’s anti-malware engine making ASC Ultimate 6 the best in the market.


One thing which you need to remember here is that – Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is the replacement for Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013. People having Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2013 installed on their systems will be automatically upgraded to Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6.


In this article you will get to know more about Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 and its features.



Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 Serial Key

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is generally priced at $49.99 for an year license. But you can now get IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 with serial key license free for a very limited time period as a part of giveaway from Chip magazine.

1. All you need to do is just send an email to “” with title and body as “Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6”.

2. You will receive an auto-reply mail from Chip within few minutes having the free serial key for Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6.

3. Download Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 from here and use the serial you got in your email to enjoy advanced PC optimization with comprehensive protection.



Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is a security cum optimization suite that includes just about every tool you’ll ever need to keep your PC running its best with comprehensive security.

Based on the World’s #1 ranked BitDefender antivirus technology and IObit anti-malware engine, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 incorporates top anti-virus capabilities, as well as the already proven PC tune-up ability.


With real-time protection against viruses and malware, this software shields your PC against all kinds of security threats without slowing down your system.


If you already have some other antivirus or Internet security suite installed on your computer, then you have absolutely nothing to worry as Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is also compatible with other security softwares.


IObit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 offers these features in two dynamic, yet simple user interfaces.
The ‘Simple Mode’ allows users to perform daily PC maintenance with just a click while the ‘Expert Mode’ is designed for more technically savvy users who like to dig deeper into their system to improve performance.


The main window shows the current health of your PC as well as any notifications that require action. There is a big button to scan your system and optimize it without having to fiddle with settings.


Here are a few optimizations that Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 offers:

  • Malware Removal
  • Privacy Sweep
  • Internet Boost
  • Registry Defrag
  • Security Defense
  • Vulnerability Fix
  • Registry Fix
  • Shortcuts Fix
  • Junk Files Clean
  • System Optimization
  • Disk Scan
  • Disk Defragment


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 normally runs in the system background so you’ll never have to remember to maintain your PC. It’ll all be taken care while you use your computer everyday.


A fascinating feature of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is the ‘Turbo Boost’ mode. This unique feature can be set to optimize your PC for work or gaming. It can be set to run at start of your PC so that it’s ready for whatever tasks you have.


There is a ton of options that you can customize to make your PC run just the way you want.


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 also puts a handy widget in the sidebar of your desktop that shows CPU and RAM usage. There’s an arrow you can click to expand it, which will show you the health of your PC as well as options to start a scan, clear up RAM, or shut down the computer.


One of the other great benefits of this tool is that, it does not slow down your PC’s performance and consumes a very low system resources, which means you will not face any system crashing or slowing down issues after installing this software.


In case you face problems after installation of this tool, you just need not worry. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 comes equipped with a ‘Rescue’ tool that creates system restore points. The registry files are also backed up so you can restore them if anything goes wrong.







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Final Thoughts

IObit is a leader in the PC optimization market and now they are trying to make a mark even in PC security.


Performance of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is commendable. Most of the features are automatic and needs no user interference.


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is an entirely new product that takes the system security and optimization to a whole new level.


I would strongly recommend it to our readers. Also, our users can make use of the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 serial key we are giving away.


Let me know what you have to say about Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 from the comments section below.



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  1. By far the best anti virus I have used. Thanks Nikhil for extending this courtesy! Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Indeed!! This is wonderful! I hope I’m not too late! This has to be the best of the best apps out there to tune up, protect and keep Windows running smooth and fast!

  2. Thanks for this great giveaway, no doubt advance system care is one of the best system utility suit since very long time and getting better day by day, now its come with antivirus + all feature of advance system care. I used trial version of it on my system few days ago. i did not find it very best but not bad. its ok. It can’t take place of full antivirus product as of now, be frank i don’t feel trust and can’t rely on fully to protect my PC from internet threat. May be in future its get better and better. its lack some feature hope to add in future. but i should be want full version to test it on my new pc. lets see how it protect from internet threat.

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    Advanced SystemCare free has been the best pc optimatization software for years & the ultimate or pro version of the product is even more powerful with lot’s of excellant extra features & enhanced layers of security defense features enabled in it & finally have to say once again an awesome giveaway of an awesome pc software by the very best giveaway website ever that is technojourney

  4. An awesome kit , comprising of top notch antivirus protection and complete PC Tuneup utilities.. I have the free version.. wish I did had the “ULTIMATE” kit.

  5. Hii nikhil,
    I really appreciate all the products of iobit and seriously love to use them..
    I WOULD really appreciate if you count me in the winner’s list..

  6. Please count me in this program and thank for letting me be part of this.Hope to get one of tghe serial key.

  7. vijaya bhaskar

    this is the best the Agenda of cleaning and also has one of the best antivirus engines is the best.
    thanks for this gift…

  8. Again great giveaway from technojourney…. already shared on my facebook. tweeted on my tweeter and +on my google…hope to win this time…


  9. i am using iobit advanced care free 6 but would love to have this version it has bitdefender av and it is there ultimate version of iobit asc count me in for a free license thank you very much i hope i win a license real soon from you & iobit

  10. Mr.KingKong

    Excellent Optimization plus security tool ! Outstanding review ! Awesome opportunity ! Like to win one Genuine license key ! Plz count me in ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advanced 🙂

  11. nikhil sir, am using mcafee antivirus . can i install this advanced system care for my pc eventhough. am not understanding whether,Is this antivirus or system cleaning tool??? if this is antivirus how can i install again along with mcafee???? wats d difference between advanced system care 6 and advanced system care ultimate ?????

    • Hi Praneethz,

      You can definitely install Advanced Systemcare ultimate 6 along with McAfee Antivirus. The difference between Advanced SystemCare 6 and Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 is that the Ultimate version has Bitdefender Antivirus along with System Optimizer.

  12. Anoop Prabhu

    I’ve been using IOBit tools of late; really lightweight and does the job well. Wouldn’t mind trying out the Ultimate version.

  13. this software is awesome.i have been a loyal customer of ASC ,hope that i will get a liscence code.your efforts are really awesome guyz ,keep up the efforts.

  14. Great program recommend everyone take Free would like the full version
    2 years recommend use
    good program

  15. David %%%%%% shared a link

    2 minutes ago
    Pretty good set of utilities for system maintenance.
    Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 FREE Download with Serial Key Giveaway

    Hmm, I’m no good at this facebook thing.. ok, I’ve shared it, it’s there, but I don’t know where to get the link from.. I’m too old for these social media thingumis..

  16. José Luiz Vieira

    Please also like to make a serial without doubt is the best antivirus software and keeping together the market. GRATEFUL ….

  17. surprised by this, ultimate is the best anti-virus/computer booster i’ve used. hope to win one. (shared in all three)

  18. best of every thing, i have been using from six months starting from 4 .o great to merge antivirus they are ahead in knowing the need or they respond quickly to request of customers any how great app

  19. Hi Nikhil, it seems you have started with your Santa Act much before christmas and some friends have received the licence key as well! Did I read you as saying it would be given to the first 10 respondents to the post? Well, on my part I been the good boy and was the second to respond. Now waiting to hear from you to make the christmas and new year perfect.

    • Hi Soumik, the winners for this giveaway was randomly chosen. It was not specified as first 10 winners.
      It is true that some of our giveaways will be for first 10 but this was not. 🙂 Hope you will get one next time..

  20. wow this is the best software that I have ever tried…. before, I had said that I had many problems with my PC. I tried to find the solutions in google, but I found nothing. last night I searched antivirus. I was interested to open advanced systemCare with antivirus. after read the explanation and the comments, i tried to download it. Guess what….my PC problems that I had tried to find the solutions about 4 months had been improved by this software. thank’s a lot technojourney

  21. helo sir, can u plz tel me how to watch telugu channels livetv online for low speed internet pc? without buffering streaming ? or is der any other software for pc to watch livetv for low speed internet???? plz reply

    • Hi Praneethz, unfortunately, you cant watch livetv on low Internet Speeds my friend. There are software to optimize your Internet settings as I previously said you, but they cant stop the livetv from buffering. You will definitely need high speed Internet.

  22. My pc is currently running with Advanced SystemCare 6, Bitdefender antivirus plus 2013 and Iobit malware fighter. The Advanced SystemCare expires in eight days and the Bitdefender expires in twelve months. Now I’m considering whether I should renew the Advanced SystemCare or get the Ultimate 6. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find any objective tests of the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 yet, but I have two questions and a hope that someone can help me with answers.

    Will Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 provide with the same level of security as running Bitdefender and Iobit malware fighter individually? (Should I keep or uninstall the antivirus and the malware fighter if installing ASCU6?)

    Even though the system specs on my pc are quite decent I find it hard to get anything else done while running full system scan with Bitdefender antivirus plus 2013. Will Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6 leave me with more free resources while scanning for viruses?

    • Hi, If you already have Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013 with 12 months subscription, then I suggest you to not go for Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 6. A Free Version of Advanced SystemCare 6 should be fair enough to work with.

  23. Stephen Plesetz

    Very impressive & Amazing! Hope to have the newest Advanced System Care Ultimate Key. I asked my dad for it as a simple Christmas present and he didn’t want to get it for me. 🙁 That’s very cool that you guys are doing something like this.

  24. Hi Nikil thank u for this give away. I received a key, i just had a doubt. can we install and run along with Avg IS?
    And also can we upgrade the current pro to ultimate of ASC. What is the lifespan of this license?

  25. Thanks sir,
    But After sending a mail to””, me & my friend get the same key…
    Sir is it genuine?

  26. sosang yaden

    Thank you very much Sir. By the way Sir can I use advanced system care ultimate along with kaspersky internet security.your wise suggestion will be highly appreciated.

  27. Hi, Nikhil!

    My name is Lucian and I’m from Romania. Thank you for all your support until now!

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    Please, Nikhil, share this to all people, because it is a very very good offer!

    Thank you reading this and I hope you will always be the best!



  28. Nikhil,
    Plz supply me the serial key for this software Advanced System Care Ultimate 6……

    Thanking you..

  29. Don Cozzens

    ASC is the best available to keep your computer running like new. I’ve been using it for 5 years. It’s the best !

  30. Hi Nikhil, many thanks for your sharing. I love this application very much, it really helps me to organize my computer very well. Thank you again.

  31. awesome software. very good work nikhil.
    can i have your email id please.i am having few problems with my computer.
    thank you very much.

  32. i downloaded a software called “freemore audio video suite” from your website.i tried to convert a movie from mp4 to flv size is 812 MB.the conversion is taking a very long time(3 hrs and still running).
    for the past 1 hour,it is still in 99 percent.what is the problem with the software nikhil.

  33. Dear Nikhil Chakravarthi,

    Many thanks for the offer (of an extraordinary piece of gr8 work) and very prompt response to email sent. More power to ur elbow. Remain blessed.

  34. Robert Bibey

    Sent the email in – read the write up and got it all installed – really cool combo 🙂 Great work Nikhil – definately gonna pimp you out hah! 😀

  35. Dinesh Rai


    Please give me the serial key for this software…………Please please ……….

  36. Hey brother! Please share Uniblue PowerSuite Pro 2013 with serial. give serial on email same at ASCU6!! PLeaseeeeee:(

  37. thanq sooooo much sir, i got license code…..

    what is beta ? how many dayz license for kaspersky internet security 2014 ?????


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