How to Turn Off or Disable Beep Sound on Facebook?

▶ Facebook recently started to sound a beep for all notifications.

▶ Many irritated users wrote to me asking how to turn off or disable beep sound on Facebook?

▶ In this article, I have come up with detailed step-by-step guide to disable the beep sound.

▶ While it is easy to disable the beep, some beginners might still find it hard to do so.

▶ Detailed steps to disable or turn of beep can be found in the article below.

▶ Hope that helps a lot of irritated Facebook users.


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That Annoying Beep!

This article comes out as a solution to one of our readers’ problem.

Now you must have already got to know about his problem – “The Annoying Beep of Facebook”.


This is what he had to ask me –

“Hi Nikhil,

I am a first year engineering student studying at DBIT. Initially, I had no problems using Facebook. I am a Facebook addict and hang-in there for more than 2-3 hours. But these days I am getting a strange beep sound. When I have the Facebook open in one tab and browse something else in the other, I keep getting this beep sound. I am very irritated because of it. I can’t peacefully listen to music nor do any work. Can you please let me know how to stop it.”


Well, this is not the first time I got such a mail. There were 3 more mails I received regarding the same issue earlier.

Thinking it would be better to address the solution to this problem in an article, I came up with a detailed step-by-step guide.

Most of you may find this post to be silly, but I am sure it would help many beginners using Facebook and facing the same problem.


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Why did Facebook introduce the Beep sound?

The answer to this question in 4 words is – “To Make More Money”.

Now, whenever you leave Facebook and visit any other website, Facebook will lose revenue. To keep making money by showing ads to you, it always wants you to be on Facebook.

Hence, by sounding a beep, it will drive you back to the Facebook.


Whenever someone you follow posts something new, likes or comments on your posts or photos, when you are chatting with someone, when someone comments on something you have already commented or for anything that would show up in your notifications, Facebook sounds a beep.


Now the question is – How to turn off or disable beep sound on Facebook? Let’s see how to do it in few simple steps.


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How to Turn Off or Disable Beep Sound on Facebook?

1. On your Facebook profile, click on the settings icon at the top right of the page.



2. In the drop down menu, choose “Account Settings”



3. Here in the new window, click on “Notifications” from the left side menu as seen in the screenshot below.

disable beep notification on Facebook


4. Now take a close look at the first line that reads –  ‘All notifications, sounds on’. That’s the one sounding the annoying beep. Click on “View”



5. Here, uncheck he checkbox that reads – ‘Play a sound when each new notification is received’.

Turn Off or Disable Beep Sound on Facebook


That’s it. You are all done now. No more irritating beep sound whenever you get a notification.


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Last Thoughts

Some of you might find the Facebook beep sound useful. But, I am sure most would have not liked it.

Now that you know how simple it is to turn off or disable beep sound on Facebook, most of you should be relieved from hearing that annoying noise again!

Hope this post was of some help to you.

What do you have to say about this beep sound? Is it good or bad? Let me know from the comments.


13 Comments to How to Turn Off or Disable Beep Sound on Facebook?

  1. Thanks for helping me get this irritation out from my computer! Much needed. It was really disturbing…. the beep beep sound frequently! Who cares about Facebook’s earning,s we care for our peace of mind! Thank you, for another wonderful post!

  2. hai nikil,
    its a big thing for me because i was struggling in this annoying beep sound.what is the surprise you know,until reading your post i am not know where from the beep sound occurring.
    i search every where in my pc,programs to find some thing wrong.
    thank you very much to fix this beep
    once again big big thanks,and keep it up

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