3 most popular scams on Facebook you should beware !

In a nutshell

Like Scams: where you “like” the page only to find nothing present on it. Scammers profit from traffic.

Survey Scams: you fill surveys and scammers again profit.

Fake Applications Scam: allow rogue applications to steal your personal data.

New scams surface almost daily and sweep across thousands of profiles on Facebook.

Here are 3 most popular scams you should beware:

1>Like Scams:
Here, the scammers set up a website promising a provocative story, like “LOL This girl gets OWNED after a POLICE OFFICER reads her STATUS MESSAGE.” Then they trick thousands of users and their friends into “liking” the page, which really has nothing.  Scammers profit from the traffic .

2>Survey Scams:

Similar to like scam, a super-juicy news story is promised like “OMG! Look what this kid did to his school after being expelled!”. You have to “like” the page and fill out a quick survey before reading the story. Know what! You just gave scammers a commission for filling out the survey, and helped the scam spread by sending it to all your friends.

3>Fake Applications Scam:

Some third-party rogue applications steal your data when you allow them to access your profile. Some other applications like “Want to see who viewed your profile?” scam you through surveys. One can never really know who viewed your profile! But that hasn’t stopped scammers from creating fake applications that pretend to let you see who’s checking you out on Facebook. Instead, the applications just send you to a survey, and automatically broadcasts a link to all your friends. Scammers profit again.

So next time you see such things on Facebook, don’t ever click them!


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