Learn Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts to get your work done on fingertips

Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to get the work done on your finger tips. They not only increase your efficiency and productivity but also make you look like a pro.

Your friends often wonder when you just use the keyboard shortcuts instead of wandering all over the screen using a mouse.

In Windows, it is common to find people using keyboard shortcuts.  But, keyboard shortcuts in Facebook is more interesting as many of us spend most of our time on it.

If you are one among such hardcore Facebook users, you might want to check out the keyboard shortcuts.

It helps you to navigate around Facebook with ease and saves you time in the process.

  • Alt+1 : Return to Home page.
  • Alt+2 : To view Facebook profile.
  • Alt+3 : To pull down the Friends Requests list.
  • Alt+4 : To pull down the Messages list.
  • Alt+5 : To pull down the Notification list.
  • Alt+6 : To open the Account settings page.
  • Alt+7 : Account privacy configuration.
  • Alt+8 : Facebook fans group page.
  • Alt+9 : Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Alt+0 : Facebook Help Center.
  • Alt+m : Create new message.
  • Alt+? : Cursor in the Search Box.

These shortcuts are browser-specific, you will need to use different combination on different browsers.

  • Google Chrome : Alt + key
  • Internet Explorer : Alt + key, then press Enter
  • Firefox : Shift + Alt + key
  • Mac OS : Ctrl + Opt + key

Now use these shortcuts and leave your friends astonished. Let us know if you know some more such interesting shortcuts.


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