How to chat on facebook from your workplace ?

All work and no facebook makes jack a dull boy“. Have you heard of this before? Well, no problem if you haven’t heard this, now you know.

Many of us want to Chat on Facebook while we are still  working from our workplace. Doing so, not much can happen, you would be simply fired. Well don’t worry, after-all why am I here for? You remember some one saying every dog has a day! They are right.

You can now Place Facebook Chat box on sidebar and continue your work without opening full window of Facebook website. Well there is a small twist in the story, this trick works only on Firefox.

Here is a small tutorial in 4 simple steps to place Facebook chat on your sidebar:

Step 1: Open Firefox, go to Bookmarks in the menu bar on the top and then select Organize Bookmarks

Step 2: Click on Organize button on the top and select New Bookmark and enter the following:
>>Name: Facebook Chat or any name of your choice
>>Select Load this bookmark in sidebar checkbook.

Step 3: Now open the Firefox sidebar. The sidebar is  found in the View menu and select BookMarks or simply press ( Ctrl+B ). Type Facebook Chat or whatever the name you have specified above and start chatting with your Facebook friends while you still your work.

Step 4: This step is a very important, if you fail to do this all the above steps will go in vain. If you are wondering “Oh my god! what it would be”? Its crucial – don’t say this to your boss.


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  4. Company keep blocking youtube, messenger, skype and on to stop online chatting and entertainment while working. But this force customer become smart and smarter to find the way to chat.
    Now here again facebook chat. It never end no matter how many time boss try to stop employee.

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