How can I convince My Parents to Let Me have a Facebook account?

▶ Parents today, deny Facebook to their kids citing many reasons.

▶ While any one over 13 years of age can use Facebook, parents still feel it’s not the right age to allow their kids to access it.

▶ Teens between 13-18 are still restricted to the usage of Facebook.

▶ So, if you are facing the same problem even with your parents, then, here are few tips to convince them to allow you to use Facebook.

▶ If you found it to be working with your parents, then do share it with your friends too!



My friends say Facebook is awesome!

One day, I got a mail from one of my readers called Rachana D’Souza, who is also a mother of a 16 year old girl called Riti.

One of my daughters, who is 16, wants to get a Facebook account. I took a look at the site, and it doesn’t seem safe at all. My daughter says she will set the highest privacy settings to her account, but still I am pretty worried.


But when I wrote to Riti asking why she wanted a Facebook account, she had a ready answer:

All my friends have it and they think it’s awesome. I never really wanted it before, but now that I am 16, I really feel like having one! My older sister who is doing engineering has it. I will add her as my friend and will take constant guidance from her before making friends.! Also I’m 16. I am responsible, and good in school and blah blah blah… But my parents seem to be against it. So what should I do?



The Problems of 21st Century!

The twenty-first century has bought a lot of changes in our lives. It has made our lives simpler than ever before. But, being in touch with our friends, school & college mates becomes real hard with our every day busy schedules.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest play a significant role in this aspect.

The younger generation is no longer behind in getting access to these sites on par with adults. But many parents are suspicious of the time their children spend on such sites.

It’s a legitimate concern about the children’s safety. But the children still try to find away to get one.

So, I thought I should come up with few very good tips that will convince parents to let their children access Facebook.



Here are few Tips on Convincing your Parents to let You have Facebook

1. The calm and relaxed approach

Whenever you want to get something from your parents, the very first approach should be in a calm and relaxed way. Sit with them and try to discuss the issue. Explain them with valid reasons why you would want a Facebook account.


2. Tell them you feel left out

This is an emotional way of telling your parents. Tell your parents that all your friends are on Facebook and they always talk about that in school/college. Tell them you feel left out and out-of-place when you are at school/ college and don’t feel like going there anymore. Emotion can do a trick in a lot of situations.


3. Jot down the benefits on a piece of paper

When you present something in a systematic way, chances are that your parents will agree with what you say thinking you might have made a right decision. So, write down all the benefits you would get having a Facebook account and to read it to them.


4. A good idea is to wait and ask them after you’ve accomplished something

This is a great idea, isn’t it? Say you just got good marks/ grade in your previous test/exam. Obviously, the mood in the home will be good. Why not make use of this situation to ask for a Facebook account?  You’re already leaning to their good side and they might be more than willing to agree with you. Plus, it’ll only be fair; it’ll be like a reward. You can also ask for Facebook as a gift, such as part of a birthday or Diwali/Christmas present.


5. Give them a sense of security

Tell your parents that you will use the Facebook only to keep in touch with your friends, school and college mates and you will never befriend people whom you don’t know. Also offer them to check your account once in a while.


6. Tell them about the various security features present on Facebook

Many parents are of the notion that Facebook is insecure and has no privacy concerns. Well that is totally untrue. Facebook has many security features in place to safeguard one’s privacy. So, talk to your parents regarding this and tell how you can restrict access to your page so that only your friends can see it.


7. Let them know that you are aware about the dangers of Facebook

With millions of users flocking into Facebook every day, hackers and cyber-criminals are always trying to cash upon the them. Every other day, you can see various scams and unwanted apps trying to get access to your personal details and spamming profiles. Tell your parents that you are aware of these facts and that you will follow all sensible steps to stay safe.


8. Assure them that the Facebook will not affect your academics.

Parents are always worried that Facebook will affect the academics and thus grades of their children. So assure them them that all homework and chores will be done before you spend time on Facebook.


9. If they don’t think you’re mature enough, prove it to them.

Even when you are about 25 years of age, parents will still think you to be immature. It may take some time, but do something which makes your parents feel you are mature enough to make right decisions. It’ll be worth it.


10. If they still say no..

If your parents stand firm and still say no to a Facebook account, wait a while, let them forget about it, and then ask them again in a few weeks. Ha ha, don’t give up!


Bonus  Tips:

1. If you have an older sibling who also does not have a Facebook account, talk to them too and get them involved. Two heads are better than one!

2. Tell your parents that you will follow whatever guidelines that they set for your Facebook account.

3. Don’t pester your parents and ask them every hour or every day for a Facebook account. You’ll just seem like a baby and ruin your chances of getting it!

4. Be patient about it. If they say they need to think about it, respect that. There are better chances of them allowing you to have a Facebook if you don’t keep bugging them. It takes time.

5. Let them know how this will make you happy, and why it will benefit you, because truly, all that parents want is their children to be happy.


Last Thoughts

Facebook is definitely the best tool to keep up with all that’s happening with your friends and family. But at the same time, it has been the reason for many crimes and deaths too.

So, if you feel mature enough to have a Facebook account, then please do get one. But always be vigilant and don’t reveal too much of your personal information in there.

You may want to read-: A Complete Security Guide For Facebook Users just before you start using Facebook.

Well, all the best to you! Let me know if you have more tips to convince parents to have a Facebook account from the comments section below.


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    I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  2. Riya Hussain

    I’m 19 yet my mom still says “NO!” She thinks its dangerous and useless (thanks to over hyped news channels)… :/ I opened an account anyway but i feel bad for not telling her..

  3. I am 11 and all my friends have all social media accounts.i only have gmail.i asked my mom & dad they said no.i want to show that I am mature but how???

    • U r 2 young.u should atleast turn 13.wait for 2 more years then try.still doesent work then u r not able 2 prove that u r mature

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