You can now Hide or Disable ‘Last Seen’ Status on WatsApp

A wife was calling out for her husband from the kitchen to help her with the dishes, but did not get a response.

She went looking for him in the bedroom and found the husband asleep on his files, tired of work.

She walked closer to him, looked at his innocent face, played with his hair softly, sweetly and…..
…. Slapped him!!

The husband got up shocked and asked what happened?

That’s when the wife showed him her phone which read….

Last seen on WhatsApp 1 minute ago


Now, this is what you call a nightmare! Imagine yourself in the above situation!  What can you even do? You are caught red-handed and there is no way to escape.

Not just this, the “Last Seen” status of WatsApp has also resulted in lots of misunderstanding between couples and friends. Husband/wife stalk each other 24/7 on WatsApp, friends curse you when you are online and don’t reply to their silly  jokes. It all happens!

Of course, WhatsApp has been a runaway success in all App Stores. That was the reason Facebook bought it for a staggering 19 billion US dollars! But, when it comes to privacy, what control do you have on it? Not much!

Well, not anymore as WhatsApp seems to have a nice little surprise for its users. Yes, you can now hide or disable “Last Seen” status on WatsApp. Well, this is the best thing that has happened to WatsApp after being acquired by Facebook.

Let’s take a look at how to get it done!

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Disabling ‘Last Seen’ status on Android

1. Make sure your Android phone is running version 2.1 or higher.

2. This new feature to hide “Last Seen” status is available only from WatsApp version 2.11.186. So, if you don’t have it, download the latest version from Google Play Store here.

3. Now go to Setting → Account → Privacy.

Here, you will see the ‘Last Seen’ option. Click on it and further choose ‘Nobody’ from the options given.
(Please note, when you stop others from seeing your ‘Last Seen’ timestamp, you will not be able to see theirs either.)

disable turn off hide watsapp last seen android

That is it!

No more privacy headaches on WatsApp!

You can enable and disable this feature whenever you feel like. There are absolutrely no restrictions on it.


Turning off ‘Last Seen Timestamp’ on iPhone

1. Upon launching WhatsApp, go to ‘Chat Settings → Advanced.

2. Here, toggle the ‘Last Seen Timestamp’ to ‘Off’.

hide disable turn off WhatsApp LastSeen on iphone ios

Now that was quick!

But remember, unlike Android, you cannot switch your timestamp off/on for iPhones whenever you feel like. You will have to wait for 24 hours before making any change again to the ‘Last Seen Timestamp’.

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Disabling ‘Last Seen’ on Windows Phone

It will be possible to hide “Last Seen” status on Windows phone with the next updates to come.

It would be similar to Android

Setting → Account → Privacy  and the choose ‘Nobody’



Last Thoughts

With Facebook having taken over WatsApp, you can expect more good features in the days to come.

From a privacy point of view, I just hope they further improve.

Hope this little tutorial helped you address your key privacy concerns on WatsApp.

What has your experience been with WatsApp? Let me know them from the comments section below..


7 Comments to You can now Hide or Disable ‘Last Seen’ Status on WatsApp

  1. Thank you, fr another great tip. Have shared t on my Facebook timeline. However, it doesn’t work on Nokia Symbian models, though I have the latest version installed.

  2. what about in windows phone whatsapp. there is no option to do such a thing.please reply to my mail sir

  3. Mukesh Bhal

    U saved my day Man, thanks a ton to you. Last seen status on Wats app is always frustrating.

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